15 Cheerful Robin Bird Pictures to Welcome Spring

Updated: Apr. 14, 2022

A good robin bird picture puts birders in the spirit of the spring season! Enjoy photos of robins in trees, in bird baths and more.

robin bird picture
Courtesy Carrie Huggler

Pictures of Robins in Spring

There are plenty of springtime sights birders cherish. There’s the red winged blackbirds returning, goldfinches molting into their brilliant yellow plumage, the appearance of sunny warblers… and, of course, spotting so many American robins. A good robin bird picture is a true celebration of spring. That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of them! “Some people overlook the common robin, but they deserve some love, too! This little one was snacking on some serviceberries at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania,” Carrie Huggler says.

249881916 1 Stephanie Holdman Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Stephanie Holdman

American Robin in a Bird Bath

“I was just enjoying an afternoon on the patio this spring as the robin was enjoying its bath. I used a Nikon P900. It makes me smile when they splash around,” Stephanie Holdman says.

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250185717 1 Rebecca Reynolds Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Rebecca Reynolds

Cute Baby Robin

“My kids and I got to watch this young robin grow up from before it hatched from its beautiful blue egg. Here it was practicing its flying skills one evening in our orchard, from tree to tree,” says Rebecca Reynolds. Find out what robins eat and learn how to attract robins to your yard or garden.

250976149 1 Nancy Jahnel Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Nancy Jahnel

Feeding Time

“Early bird catches the worm! This mother robin was busy keeping up with her fledglings. Thankfully, there were plenty of worms for everyone. Taken with a Canon 70D and a telephoto lens through my patio door,” Nancy Jahnel says. Psst—here’s everything you need to know about robin nests and eggs.

251474884 1 Ben Hatto Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Ben Hatto

Robin in the Yard

“This silly little robin was hanging around our backyard this summer! He enjoyed eating worms in the wet lawn,” Ben Hatto says. Wondering what a robin’s song sounds like? Wake up early to listen for a robin bird call.

251865571 1 Ryan Terry Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Ryan Terry

A Fledgling Friend

“This is a robin bird picture taken in my backyard with a Canon 70D. The photo is special because my family watched this robin hatch from an egg all the way until him and his siblings left the nest. Every now and then, they would still come back to our yard. We noticed the fledgling sitting on the fence, and he let us walk up to him and snap a few photos as if he was posing,” Ryan Terry says.

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253788111 1 Teresa Neumann Bnb Bypc2020, american robin picture
Courtesy Teresa Neumann

Robin in a Mountain Ash Tree

“My husband and I enjoy feeding the birds year round. It is a treat every fall when the berries on the mountain ash tree ripen. The tree is right outside our window, so we watch the tree come alive with many varieties of birds all eating their fill. The robins and cedar waxwings especially love the fall harvest here in Minnesota,” Teresa Neumann says.

254040724 1 Brian Fox Bypc2020, american robin picture
Courtesy Brian Fox

A Springtime Visitor

“I took this photo of an American robin in spring in my backyard. I liked the classic pose he struck as he perched on a tulip tree limb,” Brian Fox says. There’s nothing quite like a good American robin picture — but these these 51 fantastic spring bird pictures are great, too!

Bnbbyc16 Carol Keskitalo 001, american robin picture
Courtesy Carol Keskitalo

Nesting in an Unusual Place

“This robin built her nest right in my pansy planter on my front doorstep. They got pretty used to us going in and out the door, but we tried using other doors whenever possible through the nesting season. She successfully raised three babies,” Carol Keskitalo says. Do birds such as robins reuse their nests?

Bnbbyc16 Dawn Weiss 001, american robin picture
Courtesy Dawn Weiss

Perched on a Fence Post

“This American robin bird picture was taken in spring on my backyard fence. Many birds were coming to feed at my feeders when this robin stopped in. I enjoy the first signs of spring in Wisconsin,” Dawn Weiss says. Check out the ultimate bird watcher guide for every season.

Bnbbyc17 Judy Aughey, american robin picture
Courtesy Judy Aughey

First Robin of Spring

“I always look forward to the first robin in the spring. This one arrived in early March and found a drink from my heated bird bath. There is still ice on the edge of the bird bath, so I’m sure this robin was grateful to find some warm, open water to drink from,” Judy Aughey says.

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Bnbbyc18 Carla Davis, robin bird picture, american robin
Courtesy Carla Davis

Juvenile Robin

“One July, this juvenile American robin was a frequent visitor to my backyard and I hoped to get a photo. One afternoon, I dragged a patio chair to the edge of my yard, set my Canon 7d Mark ii camera on my tripod, and waited. Eureka! The little robin rewarded my patience… and then promptly disappeared into a massive tangle of honeysuckle and blackberry vines that I call the Bermuda Triangle (birds go in, but I never see them come out). Quite unbelievably, the little robin popped out a short time later with the fattest, ripest blackberry in its beak. And I got my shot!” Carla Davis says. Discover 7 backyard birds that eat berries.

Bnbbyc18 Sharon Sauriol1, american robin picture
Courtesy Sharon Sauriol

A Trusting Robin Mom

“I spotted this robin in my neighbor’s magnolia tree. She allowed me to get close to the nest to photograph, but she and the bird dad kept a close eye on me as well,” Sharon Sauriol says.

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Bnbbyc19 Holly Albin 1, american robin picture
Courtesy Holly Albin

Robin Dinner Time

“Because of its ubiquity, the American robin is often overlooked for her simple beauty. The robin is an amazing bird that works hard under difficult conditions, adapting perfectly to city life with so many humans. Taken at exactly 5 p.m., this image is proof that 5 o’clock isn’t just the dinner hour for humans, but birds, too,” Holly Albin says. Don’t miss 50 stunning hummingbird pictures you need to see.

Bnbbyc19 Pat Shaw 1, american robin picture
Courtesy Pat Shaw

Mother’s Day Robin Bird Picture

“One Mother’s Day, feeling a little lonely as my daughter was out of town, I went to a local nature center in search of warblers to photograph. Disappointed that I didn’t have any great opportunities, I walked back to the parking lot where I heard the sound of an American robin singing in a flowering crabapple tree. I crept up slowly to within several feet of the tree and proceeded to take a few shots of it as it moved from branch to branch. The image here is a favorite, though, since the robin is singing while resting on a bed of flowers! It was a very special moment that gave me great joy,” Pat Shaw says.

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