Easy DIY Flower Pens Craft

Updated: Apr. 24, 2020

Make these DIY flower pens as a teacher gift to celebrate the start of the school year, or to dress up a receptionist's desk.

At one point in my life, I was a middle school teacher. Any teacher knows that in a class of 25 students, at least one is likely to have forgotten or lost their pen or pencil each day, and teachers are expected to have extras on hand. I got a little tired of my pens and pencils walking away out the door instead of being returned at the end of class, so I decided I needed to make the ones that belonged to me a little more obvious. My DIY flower pens were popular with students, and it was always easy to make sure they were back on my desk when the bell rang. My old flower pens are long gone now, but I recently decided to make a new set, and was reminded of just how easy this craft really is.

Easy DIY Flower Pens Craft

DIY Flower Pens Materials:

  • Pens (or pencils) – Use the type with a cap at the end rather than the “click” kind
  • Artificial flowers (1 stem per pen)
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire snips (optional)

Easy DIY Flower Pens Craft

DIY Flower Pens Assembly:

  • Trim each flower stem to about 2 inches (wire snips may help if your flower stems are thick).
  • Hold the flower stem against the pen as shown, and wrap around the center with floral tape to secure.
  • Wrap the floral tape up and down the stem and pen until the stem is fully covered. If desired, you can wrap the whole pen with floral tape, but the texture of the tape can be a little sticky to the touch, so I prefer to leave the lower half of the pen as is.
  • Cut the tape and smooth it into place to hide the end.
  • Repeat with remaining pens.

Easy DIY Flower Pens Craft

Present the pens in your choice of holder. Some ideas include a coffee mug, a mini flower pot, a tin can decorated in the style of your choice, or a simple cup. I used a wire mesh pen cup from the dollar store, dressed up with some burlap and raffia.

Make a set of these DIY flower pens for a teacher as the school year gets underway, or gift them to a secretary or receptionist to dress up their desk. If you’re using them as a school teacher gift, consider using flowers in the school’s colors. These are also great on a kitchen counter at home, where you can use flowers to match your kitchen decor.

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