DIY Yard Project: Make a Trellis From Tree Branches

Updated: Apr. 24, 2020

Need a trellis for a favorite vine? Create your own rustic trellis using tree branches in our latest diy yard project!

DIY trellis from tree branches

Do you like to grow vines?  I do.

Instead of heading out to the store to buy a boring, wooden trellis, how about making a rustic trellis using tree branches?  It won’t cost you much – in fact, you probably have a pile of tree branches to work with after pruning your trees.  The only cost involved is for screws, twine and some rebar.

trellis from tree branches
Rustic trellis at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

You will need tree branches (ranging from 1/2 – 1-inch in diameter), screws, twine, 2 pieces of rebar and a drill.

– To get started, decide on what shape you want your trellis to be and take a few minutes to sketch out how many branches you will need.

– Plan on 5 – 7 support branches, which will be positioned up and down and will provide the bulk of the support for your vine.  These branches should be about 6 feet high and 1-inch in diameter.

– Sketch in the remaining branches perpendicular to the support branches.  They should be spaced approximately 12-inches apart from each other.  The spacing doesn’t have to be precise – remember that this is a natural, rustic trellis.

– When it’s time to put the trellis together, layout the branches on a flat surface and arrange them according to your sketch, making adjustments as needed.

diy tree branch trellis

– Have someone assist you to hold the branches and using a drill, add the screws in each area where the branches will intersect each other.

– Using a natural-colored twine, wrap each area where the branches intersect to cover up the screws.

– To provide extra support for your trellis, place 2 pieces of rebar (one on each side of the trellis) into the soil so that they are approximately 12-inches deep.  Then anchor the trellis to the rebar using twine or wire.

pink clematis

– The final step is to plant your favorite vine.  Maybe a clematis?

Creating a trellis from tree branches is not only a fun diy yard project, but it is also beautiful, sustainable and saves you money!

Do you have any diy yard projects that you have done?  We are always looking for new ideas, so please share them with us!