25 Easy Fall Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Cozy

These easy fall decor ideas are perfect for an afternoon of crafting, and they'll look great in your home from Halloween until Thanksgiving.

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Canning ring pumpkins

This cute craft combines two of our favorite things: pumpkins and canning! Dig through your stash of mason jar lids and gather 20 rings, all the same size—it’s OK if they’re a little rusty. Thread them on a length of twine, all facing the same direction. Then, tie the twine in a tight knot and fan the rings out so they look like a pumpkin. Finish with a cinnamon stick and felt leaves, if desired. For more autumn decoration ideas, check out these fall container ideas.

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Thankful board

Turn the annual question of “what are you thankful for” into a visual display with the help of an old frame. Use small screw eyes and twine to weave a web across the back of the frame. Then, encourage friends and family members to write their blessings on a leaf-shaped piece of craft paper. Want more Turkey day decorations? Try growing a pretty Thanksgiving cactus.

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Country Woman

Happy fall, y’all wall decor

This autumn decor craft is so pretty, folks might think you got it at the store. But in all truth, it’s not so hard to put together once you’ve got your supplies. You’ll want to start with a foundation. You can find unfinished wood plaques and signs at craft stores like Joann. You can paint or stain this base to suit your taste. Then using stencils or your very best hand lettering skills, trace on the design of your choice. We recommend tracing it with chalk first in case you want to tweak anything. Then use your favorite craft paint to fill it all in.

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Spooky spider wreath

Boo! Scare up an award for spookiest house on the block with this crafty Halloween wreath. Use silver spray paint to color a basic twig wreath, then embellish with pom-pom spiders, creepy craft flowers, a painted sign and gingham ribbon. For an added touch, weave yarn through spokes of the wreath to create a spider web pattern! Next, learn how to create a DIY fall leaf wreath.

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Chic cement houses

Decorating for fall doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead of tossing your old milk cartons in the recycling bin, use them as molds for these teeny tiny houses. Craft a house shape out of the cartons with tape and cardboard, then fill with a vinyl cement repair mix. When dry, cut away the cartons, sand down the edges and add finishing touches with a paint pen. Love fall decor? Here’s how to turn a gourd into a birdhouse.

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Pumpkin planters

We know you have a collection of those cheap, orange pumpkin pails in the basement. Give them new life with this pretty planter craft. Simply remove the handles from each pail and patch the holes with tape. Then, fill ’em up with vinyl cement repair mix. While the cement is still wet, push a rock-filled plastic cup into the center of the pail. Once dry, remove the cup, cut away the plastic pail and sand down any rough spots. Finish your planter by decorating the face of the jack o’lantern with acrylic paint and adding your favorite fall flowers!

Courtesy Sarah Hearts

Playful pinecone wreath

Fall crafts don’t have to stick to the same red, orange and yellow color palette to be festive. In fact, incorporating a few funky colors can add new life to a classic craft supply like pinecones. To make this wreath, paint the edges of pinecones with multiple colors of craft paint. And don’t worry about collecting the pinecones yourself—you can find them for sale in the floral aisle of your favorite craft store or online. Once dry, use hot glue to stick the pinecones to a wire wreath frame. Get the full details from Sarah Hearts.

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Gold initial pumpkin

We love fall crafts that come together in just a few minutes. This gold initial pumpkin from Alice and Lois fits the bill. Taking a pumpkin—real, fake, up to you!—sketch on your initial or even a simple design (think a moon, star or witch’s hat). Then press in gold thumbtacks to bring your design to life. Next, learn how to make a super cute, no-carve owl pumpkin.

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Thankful place cards

Count your blessings on Thanksgiving with this cute place card idea. Fold craft paper into an envelope that can fit your silverware inside. Then using just a felt pen (and your best penmanship) create your Thanksgiving design. Finish off with stickers, stamps or just a quickly drawn leaf. This is a great way to get the family reflecting on the year and what everyone is thankful for. We know we’re thankful for these super simple no carve patterned pumpkins.

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Feather centerpiece

Looking to depart from traditional centerpieces this fall? Trade in flowers and gourds for feathers! To make a version of this fall craft for yourself, you’ll want to grab some floral foam, feathers (use the ones from the craft shop—not the ones you find on the ground), moss (find this in the floral section of shops like Michaels) and the container of your choosing. Insert the foam into the container making sure it fits snugly. Then fill with as many feathers as you choose. Fill in any gaps at the base with the moss. This is a great way to give a nod to Turkey Day without being too over-the-top.

Fall garland

Customize an adorable fall garland to decorate your porch or mantle using felt, some twine and some hot glue. To make this one, stock up on felt sheets from the fabric store in the seasonal colors of your choosing. Then cut out the bunting shapes and letters that you need for your phrase. We love this one, but feel free to go classic with a simple “happy Halloween,” or opt for other fun sayings like “give thanks” or “happy fall, y’all!” Just glue the pieces together and glue onto your strands of twine. So simple! Get the full tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess. We could see this being the star of the show at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkin cross stitch

Slow stitching on a cozy afternoon more your crafting style? You’ll want to print out this adorable pumpkin cross stitch pattern then! With just a few skeins of floss, you’ll have an adorable print suitable for framing or displaying right in the embroidery hoop. Next, check out fun Halloween crafts for kids.

Camp mug candle

Something about camp mugs screams fall—one full of your favorite hot cocoa especially. But you can ditch the cocoa and turn your favorite mug into a cozy candle. To make this, you’ll want to follow the basic candle-making procedure: affix the wick to the bottom of your mug and fill with wax. You can even scent it using essential oils. Get the full details over at Poppytalk.

Trick-or-treat pumpkin turned centerpiece

We can’t get enough of this plastic pumpkin upcycle. All you need for this one is a plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin and some gold spray paint. We’re sure you’ve got one of these pumpkin buckets at home, but if not, try the dollar store. All you have to do is spray paint the pumpkin any color of your choosing. Then fill up with flowers (real or fake), place it on your tabletop and wait for the compliments to roll in. You’ve got Hip2Save to thank for this one! If you have more plastic pumpkins, make a tipsy pumpkin planter.

Framed feather art

Give your home a nod to fall with framed feather art. This one is easy! Mount store-bought feathers (you can find them at stores like Michaels and Joann) with scrapbooking adhesive to a piece of cardstock and frame. The result is part-bohemian, part-rustic and just right for any home decor. We might even leave this one up all year!

Sweater weather pumpkin

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let friends and fam where you’re at with an adorable letter board-inspired pumpkin. Just use your spare letters from a trendy felt letter board (you know the ones) and press them into a pumpkin—real or faux. Don’t have a letter board? You can sub in scrapbook stickers! Get the full scoop, plus how to color these letters, on A Girl and a Glue Gun.

Leaf-printed tea towel

Want a fall craft you can use all season long? Try this tea towel. To make it, start with a clean tea towel or flour sack towel. You can find plain versions at your local craft store or buy a pack online (make spares to give to your pals!). Be sure to wash them first to remove any fabric coatings from the manufacturer. Then using a leaf-shaped stamp and fabric-safe paint, stamp the pattern right onto the towel. We love this falling leaves print, but feel free to use other fall shapes like pumpkins and acorns, too.

Haunted house pumpkin

Who can resist this adorable fall craft? It looks a bit tricky, but we assure you it’s a cinch! All you need for this one is a faux pumpkin (you can find these at most craft stores and even some big box stores), a small haunted house figurine and some dark craft paint. To make, trace an oval onto your pumpkin and carefully cut this out using a craft knife. Then paint the inside of your pumpkin a dark blue to make it look like the night sky. Place your haunted house figure inside and secure with some hot glue. You can finish it off with some moss or festive paper shreds for a more complete look. Not into haunted houses? You can reimagine this craft and use a barn figurine for something more harvest-inspired. Here’s how to create festive pumpkins using papier-mache.

Cinnamon stick wreath

We love fall crafts that are more than just crafts. This cinnamon stick wreath is obviously charming but it also gives your home that fall scent of cinnamon—yum! To make, all you’ll need is a wire wreath frame, whole cinnamon sticks, twine and some decorative berries. Assembling is easy. Just use hot glue to affix the cinnamon sticks to the frame. Then weave in twine and berries until you get the look you love. Find the full tutorial at Crafts Unleashed. Want more fall scents at home? Check out these natural DIY air freshener recipes.

Cork place cards

Who doesn’t love a five-minute craft? These cork place cards and markers are perfect for labeling your favorite dishes or letting folks where to sit on Thanksgiving day. To make them, simply cut a slice off a wine cork to create a flat bottom. Then cut into the cork to form a slot to place in name cards or labels. Easy! And don’t worry if you haven’t saved any corks. You can buy unused corks online perfect for crafting.

Pumpkin centerpiece

Need a 15-minute craft to complete your tabletop or entryway? Look no further! To make this adorable pumpkin centerpiece, you’ll need a faux pumpkin, a gold felt-tip marker and some silk flowers. To make, just cut a small opening in the top of your pumpkin with a craft knife. Then write the phrase of your choosing, be it “hello fall,” “give thanks” or just simply “welcome” on the pumpkin. Then fill the top with the silk flowers of your choosing. Get the step-by-step guide over at Lolly Jane.

Rustic jar toppers

Giving away treats in jars this season? Make the presentation just a bit sweeter and layer on a layer of burlap. Take it to the next level and stitch a pretty design on top. Here’s 5 more easy ways to dress up your canning jars.

Mini pumpkin garland

Isn’t everything cuter in miniature? These mini plants certainly are and so is this pumpkin garland from Lovely Indeed. You can make this garland by stocking up on mini foam or plastic pumpkins. Then paint each a new color. This classic orange, black and white scheme is just right for Halloween but opt for metallics for a more autumnal feel or even wild colors to show off your personality. Once dry, tie each pumpkin on a long strand of thick thread or thin twine.

Mini Thanksgiving embroidery hoops

No stitching skills required for this fall craft. Instead, you can whip up one of these (or a handful) in minutes. You’ll need an embroidery hoop—any size, though this one is three inches across and perfect as a placecard—fabric and some sticker letters. Stretch your fabric into the hoops frame and trim. Make sure the fabric is taught and then glue into place. Use the sticker letters to spell out different words for thanks, like mercigracias and danke. You can make these larger, too, and hang them up for decor (and change them up for the seasons). Learn more at Homemade Ginger.

Wool pompom garland

Want to feel snuggly all season long? You’re going to want to try one of our favorite autumn decor ideas: a woolen pompom garland. This one is so simple. Using a long needle and thick thread, string together wool balls to make a garland. You can find pompoms like these online or use standard pompoms from any craft store. String them across your mantle, headboard or just about anywhere for warm, fuzzy feelings from fall all the way through winter.

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