28 Unique Gifts for Butterfly Lovers

Updated: Nov. 15, 2023

Check out our list of the best butterfly gifts, from a butterfly house to butterfly books and beautiful butterfly fashion accessories.

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Butterfly Puddler Plate
Via Uncommongoods.com

Butterfly Puddler

Give your favorite pollinators their own butterfly gift! Butterflies like to sunbathe and you may see them gathering around water puddles. This stoneware butterfly puddler fulfills both of these needs. Fill the shallow recycled glass well with sand or rock salt and a teaspoon of water. When the water evaporates, butterflies will be drawn to the minerals. You can also put overripe fruit on the plate for butterflies to feed on.

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butterfly ornament
Via Etsy

Butterfly Ornament

Hang this recycled steel butterfly heart ornament on the Christmas tree, or on a tree in a butterfly garden in the summer. Either way, their love of butterflies will shine with these charming butterfly gifts.

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butterfly mug
Via Etsy.com

Personalized Butterfly Mug

Personalize this cute ceramic coffee mug with your loved one’s name. Choose between black, white and contrasting handles with a blue butterfly image. And yes, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Check out gifts for bee lovers that are worth buzzing about.

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butterfly blanket
Via Urban Outfitters

Butterfly and Moth Throw Blanket

Part tapestry and part cozy throw blanket, butterfly fanatics will definitely want to show off and cuddle up under this butterfly blanket. It’s lined with multicolored fringe for extra pizazz.

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butterfly garden kit
Via The Home Depot

Indoor Butterfly Garden Starter Kit

Bring spring to your home with this butterfly garden kit. It features a plastic terrarium, flower seeds and butterfly accessories to get started on colorful blooming plants with sweet smelling blooms that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. All you have to provide is water and a sunny spot.

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butterfly shirt
Via Etsy.com

Types of Butterflies T-Shirt

Show your love of butterflies on your shirt. This comfortable t-shirt shows the unique beauty and color of different species of butterflies.

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butterfly makeup bag
Via Etsy.com

Personalized Butterfly Cosmetic Bag

Choose from 16 beautiful butterfly designs and add a stylized name in cursive or print font to this chic cosmetic bag. It’ll truly be a one-of-a-kind butterfly gift you won’t find anywhere else—and a convenient place for the giftee to store makeup and toiletries.

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Bird Butterfly And Flower Wind Chime Ecomm Via Uncommongoods.com
via merchant

Fluttering Wind Chime

Add a butterfly-inspired soothing melody with this handmade decorative wind chime. A tiny bell at the bottom will produce a gentle tinkling sound, and the metal butterfly, flower and hummingbird will spin in the breeze. This chime looks lovely on a terrace or in a windowsill, or give it a place of honor in your pollinator garden.

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butterfly face mask
Via Etsy.com

Butterfly Fabric Face Mask

Stay safe and look cute with this butterfly fabric face mask. It features elastic loops and a pretty butterfly pattern, plus the mask is made from cotton fabric. It’s washable, and the colorful butterflies are both subtle and striking.

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butterfly tote bag
Via Etsy

Butterfly Tote Bag

Take your butterfly gifts every where you go. This canvas tote bag features a vintage style chart of various butterflies in shaded black ink for depth and detail. Use the tote to carry everything from books to groceries. It’s machine washable and the straps are long enough to fit over your shoulder. If you like this, consider the mourning dove tote bag on our list of best dove gifts, too. Psst! Don’t miss the 30 best gifts for hummingbird lovers.

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butterfly jewelry, Call E01 Peacholive Revised 1200x
Via Lorenhope.com

Butterfly Jewelry Gifts

Costume jewelry house Loren Hope creates lovely, whimsical butterfly gifts. These gorgeous jewelry pieces are hand-crafted in the USA using vintage and new glass stones. Each design draws inspiration from the wonders of the natural world.

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leather butterfly journal
Via Etsy

Leather Butterfly Journal

For the avid notes taker and journalist in your life, this butterfly engraved leather bound journal is sure to be a hit. The 112 lined pages provide ample space for jotting down field notes or grocery lists. P.S. you can have the journal personalized with a name for an additional charge.

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butterfly print
Via Etsy

Vintage Butterfly Print

This handmade vintage butterfly print, a reprint of an Adolphe Millot’s illustration Pappilons, is available in five sizes. It’s printed on heavyweight archival matte paper and would look elegant in a dining room, office or library space. We found 5 green gift ideas to help pollinators and our planet.

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butterfly coloring book
Via Amazon

Butterflies Coloring Book

Give the gift of relaxation, art and nature with an adult coloring book. This version has 98 butterfly and flower filled pages to fill in. Fine tipped markers or colored pencils are suggested for staying in the lines.

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butterfly stake

Solar Butterfly Garden Stake

A handcrafted glass butterfly stake adds color and texture to any garden or planter. This 41-inch tall garden stake features a blue butterfly and leaves with laser cut wings. These butterfly gifts look exceptionally beautiful when the solar light glows at night.

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butterfly mold craft kit
Via Target

Butterfly Mold and Paint Craft Kit

Feeling crafty? This butterfly kit comes with everything you need to mold, paint and magnetize four butterflies: a Monarch, Painted Lady, Red Admiral and Swallowtail. It also features an illustrated educational booklet to learn more about butterflies.

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butterfly gardening book
Via Merchant

Gardening for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees Book

Editors and experts from Birds & Blooms give their tried-and-true advice on growing plants and creating backyard environments to attract butterflies (and birds and bees, too). This book is the place to start for rookie and experienced gardeners who want to see more butterflies.

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Via Etsy.com

Butterfly and Hummingbird Beeswax Candles

These gorgeous candles are decorated with pretty butterflies and hummingbirds. Plus they smell like honey when burning. What a sweet butterfly gift idea!

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butterfly milkweed
Via Eden Brothers

Butterfly Milkweed

For the true monarch butterfly lover, plant more of their favorite food—milkweed! Monarch butterflies need this host plant throughout their life stages, and you can help them by growing it in your backyard. Get a jump-start with the bareroot plants, or milkweed seeds are also available.

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Language of Butterflies book
Via Amazon.com

The Language of Butterflies Book

In this groundbreaking book, New York Times bestselling author and science journalist Wendy Williams reveals the inner lives of butterflies. For anyone interested in learning why and how butterflies behave, this book breaks it down in an approachable manner.

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butterfly jewelry
Via Etsy

Gold Filled Butterfly Necklace and Earrings

This pearl-inspired butterfly necklace and earrings set is just the thing for the butterfly enthusiast in your life. Choose from a variety of colors, including lavender and mint, all with a pearl finish and gold interior.

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butterfly bath bomb
Via Etsy.com

Butterfly Bath Bomb

Take a bath with a butterfly—a bath bomb butterfly that is. These butterfly shaped bombs are made with organic oils and cocoa butter. They’re almost too pretty to use, and would look lovely displayed on a bathroom vanity.

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butterfly house
Via Amazon.com

Butterfly House With Planter

Create a safe haven for butterflies and bees with this wooden butterfly house. The house provide a safe environment for bugs and butterflies to live, lay eggs, spend the winter or take shelter from rain and predators. Plant some butterfly flowers in the attached planter to attract more pollinators. You can also paint the wood with a custom colorful design. Learn how to build a DIY bug hotel.

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butterfly socks
Via Etsy

Blue Butterfly Socks

White crew socks adorned with a vibrant blue butterfly are a fun way to add a little personality to any outfit. These are especially cute with a pair of white sneakers.

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cork coasters butterfly gifts
Via Etsy

Butterfly Cork Coasters

These coasters feature North American pollinators, including a hand drawn scientific rendering of a butterfly dating from the 1800’s. Each coaster is four inches in diameter and 1/4 thick. The cork material makes them eco-friendly!

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butterfly gifts
Via Etsy.com

Butterfly Resin Box

Gift them with a butterfly resin box to hold jewelry, dried flowers or mementos. The resin box is handmade and the flowers are customizable to your liking. Please note, no butterflies were harmed in the making of this box—the butterfly images are paper cut-outs. Check out 6 go-to flowers you should plant in your butterfly garden.

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butterfly towel
Via Etsy

Butterfly Tea Towel

Who doesn’t need an extra tea towel? This hand printed tea towel features an original linocut block print image of an orange butterfly. It’s made of 100% organic cotton, so it’s absorbent for drying dishes and looks beautiful displayed in the kitchen. Tea towels make a wonderful housewarming gift.

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butterfly tea
Via Merchant

Looseleaf Butterfly Tea

Butterfly pea flower tea, otherwise known as Blue Tea, is a caffeine-free herbal tea made from an infusion of Clitoria ternatea plant flower petals. Traditionally, Butterfly Pea plant tea have been used to treat general pain and reduce inflammation (these claims have not been supported by the FDA). It has a light floral taste and the purple flowers turn the tea water a light blue color. Butterfly magic!

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