16 Birding and Gardening Books We Love

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If you love birdwatching, flower gardens and vegetable gardens, check out our favorite birding and gardening books you'll want to read now.

Birding Books

birding without bordersVia Amazon

Birding Without Borders

Read how one birder set out to see half of the world’s bird population within the span of a year. His journey takes him to 41 countries and all seven continents, and he shares all the ups and downs of his Big Year.

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birds of north america bookVia Amazon.com

Birds of North America

Page through this gorgeous book, offering detailed photos of more than 550 birds. Many of the species featured are shown in various plumage stages, helping readers better identify birds in different life stages.

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The Bird Way bookVia Amazon

The Bird Way

Birding enthusiasts and casual observers alike will be enthralled by this deep dive into the world of birds and what we know about their behaviors.

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How to Know the BirdsVia Amazon

How to Know the Birds

Beginner birders get a fun introduction to 200 species in this collection of essays and sketches.

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sibley field guideVia Amazon

The Sibley Guide to Birds

Every birder needs a solid field guide to take on their adventures, and this one is full of hundreds colorful images and detailed descriptions to help you identify more species.

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Everyday Birdwatching Stories Birding Book Cover, gardening gift ideasVia Shop.rd.com

Everyday Birdwatching Stories Book

If you enjoy looking for birds in the backyard and beyond, you’ll love the Everyday Birdwatching Stories book. It is filled with spectacular pictures and heartwarming personal stories about special bird sightings, from orioles to owls. Plus, each chapter features expert advice to help you attract more birds in every season.

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Books About Birds AudubonVia Walmart.com

Audubon, On the Wings of the World

Perhaps the most unique book about birds, this is John James Audubon as you’ve never seen him before. If you’re new to the idea of graphic novels, you might flip open this tome and think, “A comic book about Audubon?” Dig deeper and you’ll find a beautifully-illustrated story about the famous ornithologist and his life and travels, including controversial topics like the number of birds he killed as he explored. This is no children’s picture book, but instead an immersive experience where the artwork helps you understand more about the story as it unfolds.

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Books About Birds Birds Art LifeVia Amazon.com

Birds Art Life

During difficult times, many people turn to the solace of nature. So it was for author Kyo Maclear, who found the joys of urban birding to be a balm during a challenging year of her life. In this intimate work, she tells the story of her year exploring birding in depth for the first time, and reflects on the life lessons found therein.

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Books About Birds BirdmaniaVia Amazon.com


Quick – aside from Audubon, how many other well-known ornithologists can you name? Drawing a blank? That’s OK, because Bernd Brunner’s book will quickly fill in the gaps for you. Brunner relates the fascinating tales of birders throughout time; some have made important contributions to our scientific understanding of birds, others dedicated their lives to conservation, and a few simply became obsessed with the birds they loved. The book is beautifully decorated with paintings, illustrations, and other artwork to enhance the reader experience.

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Books About Birds One More WarblerVia Amazon.com

One More Warbler

Author Victor Emanuel is one of the country’s leading birders, and his birding tours attracted celebrities like Prince Philip and Laura Bush. In this volume, Emanuel recounts his stories one bird at a time, starting with the male cardinal that first caught his eye when he was just a boy. He shares tales of his mentors and epic adventures of birding around the world, each vignette sparked by a bird that helped to shape his life. You may not be able to take a birding tour in person with this charismatic man, but his book will let you travel right along with him.

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Books About Birds Good BirdersVia Amazon.com

Good Birders Still Don’t Wear White

If you’ve ever enjoyed a chat with other folks who love birds, this book is for you. Dozens of avid birders share what makes birding special to them in this follow-up to the original Good Birders Don’t Wear White. Birding guides, bird photographers, museum curators, and many more relate their experiences with birds in short essays that will make you smile, laugh, and perhaps even cry a little. Illustrated with the charming line drawings of Robert A. Braunfield, this is one of those books about birds that has a little something in it for everyone.

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Gardening Books

vegetable gardening bookVia Amazon

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Use this helpful gardening book to plan out your garden, from how to pick the best spot for a garden bed to pairing up the best vegetables to grow together.

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Down in the dirtVia Amazon

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

This delightful children’s picture gardening book introduces young ones to all the creatures who live just below a garden’s surface.

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Grow your soil bookVia Amazon

Grow Your Soil!

This gardening book looks below the surface. Learn why the soil you start with is so important to the health of your garden—and how to improve your soil in unique ways.

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raised bed gardening bookVia Amazon

Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners

While you’re a beginner or experienced gardener, turn to this helpful gardening book for everything regarding creating raised beds. In addition, discover which plants are the best partners in a raised garden bed.

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cut flower garden bookVia Amazon

Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden

If you’re a fan of cutting gardens and arranging your own flowers, this book offers instructions for how to create your ideal garden, along with step-by-step instructions for how to create a variety of arrangements and garlands.

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