21 Nature and Bird Christmas Ornaments We Love

Updated: Nov. 21, 2022

If you enjoy birds, gardening, or butterflies, check out this selection of nature and bird Christmas ornaments to deck the halls.

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Deck the halls with birds, butterflies, and gardening tools! These nature and bird Christmas ornaments are just right for birders, gardeners and anyone else who thinks the best days are those you spend in the great outdoors.

hummingbird gift christmas ornamentVia Merchant

Hummingbird Metal Christmas Ornament

If hummingbirds have captured your heart, this ornament will remind you of your favorite tiny birds every time you look at the Christmas tree.

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cardinal christmas ornamentsVia Merchant

Red Cardinal Christmas Ornament

A redbird is always stunning sight on a snowy day. Cardinals are a beloved backyard bird, and even more so in winter. This bird Christmas ornament includes a red hanging ribbon.

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bluebird ornamentVia Merchant

Mountain Bluebird Ornament

We love spotting new birds in our backyard, and we love to collect bird Christmas ornaments. All birders will be delighted when this gorgeous mountain bluebird lands on their Christmas tree. This seller also offers several other lovely western bird species.

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bird christmas ornamentsVia Merchant

Hummingbird Christmas Ornament

No bird Christmas ornament collection would be complete without a hummingbird! This ornament sparkles in the light, just like a real hummingbird’s iridescent feathers.

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Pileated Woodpecker Ornament

pileated woodpecker ornamentVia Merchant

Even if you’re not lucky enough to see a pileated woodpecker at your bird feeders, you can admire the gorgeous bird on your Christmas tree. Choose from a birch, cherry or maple wood ornament.

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Oriole Christmas Ornament

oriole bird ornamentVia Merchant

These beautiful stuffed felt orioles are simply adorable. They would look so cute in a flock. This Etsy seller also offers other songbirds, so you can fill your tree with all of your favorite feathered friends.

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mourning dove ornamentVia Merchant

Mourning Dove Ornament

Hang a pair of sweet mourning doves on your Christmas tree this year. We think this ornament would be a romantic gift for newlyweds or a winter anniversary.

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birdhouse ornamentsVia Merchant

Birdwatcher Birdhouse Ornaments

Put a little birdhouse in your soul and on your Christmas tree. We adore the festive colors on these charming birdhouse ornaments.

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chickadee ornament Via Merchant

Hand-Carved Chickadee Ornament

This darling little chickadee is perched on a birch branch. Each ornament is hand-carved and painted. This seller also offers a blue jay, cardinal, indigo bunting, downy woodpecker, yellow warbler and sparrow.

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55132 1 640pxVia Merchant

Glass Hummingbird Ornaments

You might not be able to attract hummingbirds in winter, but these stunning glass hummingbird ornaments will sparkle when lit up with Christmas tree lights.

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owl bird christmas ornamentVia Merchant

Wooden Owl Ornament

If you’re doing an all white Christmas tree theme, this simple wooden barn owl ornament will add an elegant touch to your bird Christmas ornament collection.

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Yosemite+national+park+hanging+figurine+ornamentVia Merchant

National Park Ornaments

These cute little ornaments are perfect for anyone who loves to travel to national parks. Choose from Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, Shenandoah or Great Smoky Mountains.

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forest floor ornamentVia Merchant

Forest Floor Christmas Ornament

If you love to take walks through the woods in autumn and admire all the brilliantly colored foliage, this is the perfect leaf ornament for you. The tiny acorn charm almost looks like a jingle bell.

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gardening ornamentVia Merchant

Garden Harvest Ornament

If you’re already dreaming of seed catalogs, digging in the garden and harvesting veggies, this ornament belongs on your tree. You can also get your ornament personalized.

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Butterfly+personalized+hanging+figurine+ornamentVia Merchant

Butterfly Hanging Ornament

If you love looking for monarchs and other butterflies in your garden, you need to have this gorgeous ornament. It takes us right back to summer, when monarch butterflies fluttered around our sunflowers.

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woodland animal ornamentsVia Merchant

Woodland Animal Ornament Set

In addition to birds and butterflies, add some furry woodland creatures to your Christmas tree. This ornament set includes a fox, raccoon, squirrel and beaver.

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mushroom ornaments, gardening gift ideasVia Merchant

Mushroom Terrarium Ornaments

Add a touch of fairy garden whimsy to your holiday decorations with these charming handmade mushroom ornaments. They feature preserved moss and lifelike botanicals, so they’ll look cute for many Christmases to come. Psst—if you love mushrooms, try a mushroom growing kit!

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bird ornamentVia Merchant

Bird Snowflake Ornament

We love watching birds (and snowflakes) flying in the backyard. This pretty bird snowflake ornament is an adorable accent to hang on your Christmas tree. The seller also offers other animal snowflake ornament designs. Don’t miss these fun squirrel gift ideas.

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bee ornamentVia Merchant

Bee Merry Ornament

Add a Christmas bumblebee to your Christmas tree this year. The seller can personalize this ornament for your favorite bee lover.

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Nature Ornaments DigIt scrabbletileornament EtsyVia Merchant

Dig It Scrabble Tile Ornament

Spell out your love of gardening for all to see! Made with vintage scrabble tiles and an adorable little trowel, this ornament is an ideal garden accent to hang on your Christmas tree.

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butterfly ornamentVia Merchant

Musical Note Butterfly Ornament

The dancing of butterflies on a summer breeze seems to evoke the sound of music. This laser-cut wood butterfly ornament, made of Baltic birch, carries that music on its wings. Make sure you sing Christmas carols when you hang it on the tree.

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