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10 Hummingbird Shirts for the Ultimate Hummingbird Fan

Show your love for hummingbirds to the world with a hummingbird shirt! From realistic designs to folk art, there's a shirt for everyone.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 21 At 3.27.13 Pm, hummingbird shirtVia Merchant

Hummingbird Sweatshirt

Stay warm and represent your favorite fast-flying backyard gems with this hummingbird shirt. Boasting a wide range of the different types of hummingbirds, it’s perfect for those who are truly passionate about these too-cute birds. It’s available in adult sizes S to 5XL and four different colors.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 8.52.58 Am, hummingbird shirtVia Merchant

Butterflies and Hummingbirds

If you have a garden for butterflies as well as flowers hummingbirds love, you’ll want to wear this lovely sweatshirt to represent all your favorite pollinators. It features a pair of gorgeous hummingbirds fluttering through a garden of beautiful blooms. Two butterflies also glide by to say hello. Available in adult sizes S to 5XL and five different colors.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 2.05.12 PmVia Merchant

Embroidered Hummingbird Shirt

The customization options are endless with this intricately embroidered hummingbird shirt! The seller says she can use any thread color combination to create your perfect flying jewel. Adult sizes S to XXL are available, as well as more than 10 shirt colors.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 8.30.05 AmVia Merchant

Floral Hummingbird

This cute T-shirt combines two of our favorite things: hummingbirds and flowers. (We think the flower on this shirt looks like a sunflower—did you know that hummingbirds enjoy sunflowers?) Better yet, the shirt is available in a wide range of adult as well as youth sizes, and in more than a dozen different colors. It’s the perfect shirt for any hummingbird fan!

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watch hummingbirds tshirtVia Merchant

Hummingbird Watching Shirt

If you love to relax on your front porch and watch hummingbirds, this is the perfect shirt for you. Featuring a variety of brightly colored flowers and a hummingbird, this T-shirt shows an ideal summery scene. Five colors are available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 9.29.20 AmVia Merchant

Botanical Hummingbird T-Shirt

This sweet T-shirt features a cute little hummingbird flying in to one of its favorite flowers to drink nectar. So many sizes and colors and styles are available, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you!

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Screen Shot 2023 02 21 At 3.51.25 PmVia Merchant

Folk Art Hummingbird T-Shirt

This uniquely designed hummingbird shirt shows a hummingbird zipping through a variety of funky flowers. Hummingbird fans will love the variety of colors and multiple shirt styles available.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 10.26.03 Am, hummingbird shirtVia Merchant

Whimsical Hummingbird T-Shirt

If you’re looking for hummingbird clothing with a bit of whimsical flair, look no further. The artist behind this adorable T-shirt says that seeing a hummingbird makes them feel as if they’ve “gotten a glimpse of the fairy world,” and we’d have to agree. Like the design, but don’t want a T-shirt? Sweatshirts, stickers, mugs and more are also available. Then check out these adorable fairy garden kits we love.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 1.36.57 Pm, hummingbird shirtVia Merchant

Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds Shirt

Keep your ruby-throated hummingbirds with you all year when you wear this shirt. It features a female ruby-throat on the front, and the male with his shimmery red gorget on the back. Sizes S to 4XL are available.

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Screen Shot 2023 02 22 At 1.43.19 PmVia Merchant

Rainbow Hummingbird

This multicolored shirt reminds us of springtime and rainbows. The bright colors are sure to put a smile on your face—and the face of any birder who eagerly anticipates spotting their first hummingbird of the year.

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