15 Harvest-Themed Gifts for Vegetable Gardeners

Celebrate the harvest season. If you know someone who grows their own food, check out these fun gifts for vegetable gardeners.

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As summer begins to wind down, gardens explode with delicious vegetables. To share the joys of the harvest season, pick up these gifts for vegetable gardeners.

1. Veggie Wall Print

veggie wall printVia Etsy.com

Dress up your kitchen or eating area with a gorgeous rainbow print with carrots in many colors! Veggies have never looked so good.

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2. Garden Vegetable Soaps

vegetable garden giftsVia Etsy.com

These sweet veggie soaps look like seed packets; they would make great gifts for vegetable gardeners. We think they would look so cute by the kitchen sink, in your garden shed or the powder room.

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3. Tomato Vine Candle

tomato candleVia Etsy.com

Some candles smell overly sweet, but this one features an earthy fragrance that will remind you of sunny summer days and juicy vine-ripened tomatoes.

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4. Harvest Pumpkin Gnomes

harvest garden gnomeVia Etsy.com

These darling little garden gnomes would be a whimsical addition to any veggie patch or your Thanksgiving table.

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5. Fall Pumpkin Earrings

pumpkin earringsVia Etsy.com

Even if you don’t grow your own veggies, you can still celebrate the harvest season and savor delicious fall flavors. Wear these earrings on your next coffee run or to the pumpkin patch trip with your kids.

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6. Veggie Greeting Cards

harvest giftsVia 1canoe2.com

Tell your honey how much you love them in the punniest way possible—with veggies! Beautifully illustrated card designs will inspire you to grow (or eat) more vegetables, from radishes to beets.

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7. Harvest Book

gifts for vegetable gardenersVia Amazon.com

Use your summer bounty in surprising ways with the ideas in Harvest: Unexpected Projects Using 47 Extraordinary Garden Plants by Stefani Bittner and Alethea Harampolis. From apricot facial masks to oregano flower-infused vinegar, there’s plenty to discover!

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8. Veggie Print Muck Boots

muck bootsVia Zappos.com

Mud is no match for these chic and functional garden boots. Plus, the harvest pattern is almost as pretty as your homegrown veggies.

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9. Personalized Harvest Basket

harvest basketVia Etsy.com

If you know someone (like me) who doesn’t have enough hands for their daily harvest, a personalized basket is the perfect gift for vegetable gardeners.

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10. Garden Patch Face Masks

garden face masksVia Etsy.com

Fruits, veggies, mushrooms, oh my! No matter what fresh foods you love to grow (or eat), there’s a fun garden patch printed face mask for you.

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11. Heirloom Gardening Overalls

heirloom garden overallsVia Duluth Trading Company

These veggie-print overalls are absolutely adorable! We love the short length, so you won’t get overheated while harvesting your garden veggies.

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12. Ball Fresh Preserving Kit

ball canning kitVia Walmart.com

If you’ve ever wanted to try canning salsas, pickles and fruits, this is your year! It comes with a 21-quart water bath canner, a canning rack and a set of four essential utensils, including a jar funnel and lid lifter. This fresh preserving kit is a one of our favorite gifts for vegetable gardeners that are just starting out.

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13. Vintage Seed Packet Dish Towel

seed packet dish towelVia Etsy.com

There’s nothing like the taste of homegrown heirloom tomatoes! Now you can show off your tomato love all year long with this pretty printed dish towel.

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14. Never Stop Growing T-Shirt

gifts for vegetable gardenersVia Etsy.com

Keep planting and growing throughout your life. It’s good advice for us all—and easier to do while you’re wearing a comfy gardening t-shirt.

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15. Vintage Seed Catalog Puzzle

gifts for vegetable gardenersVia Amazon.com

Winter can be long for vegetable gardeners who long to get outside and dig in the dirt. Keep your brain busy as the snow flies with this charming vintage seed catalog puzzle. With 1,000 pieces, it should keep you busy until spring.

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