12 Owl Shirts Every Bird Fan Should Own

Updated: Jun. 24, 2022

Who doesn't love owls? You're sure to find the right fit for you in this unique selection of owl shirts.

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Looking for some new additions to your own wardrobe, or need a perfect gift for you favorite owl fan? These owl shirts will fit the bill! Some of the designs are realistic and include identifiable species, while others are more fun or stylized. There should be something here for everyone.

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1. You’re a Hoot

Owl Shirts Threadless FeathersVia Merchant

Birders will immediately recognize at least some of the owl faces shown on this owl shirt. Non-birders will just admire the clever design!

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Discover 13 fun facts about owls.

2. A Parliament of Owls

Owl Shirts Tee Public ParliamentVia Merchant

Here’s a little clever wordplay to make you hoot! A group of owls is known as a “parliament,” so what better way to show them than dressed in their proper wigs and coats? It’s the perfect shirt for a birder who’s also a history buff.

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3. Snowy Owls Shirt

Owl Shirts The Mountain SnowyVia Merchant

Possibly one of the best-known species, snowy owls never fail to amaze and astonish. Two of these magnificent creatures are featured on this owl shirt, with a rising moon behind them.

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4. Nightwatchers

Owl Shirts Woot NightwatchersVia Merchant

The simplicity of the silhouettes on this owl shirt makes the eyes peering out from the darkness particularly effective.

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Learn about barn owls: nocturnal birds of prey.

5. Owl ID Guide

Screen Shot 2022 06 23 At 11.09.11 AmVia Merchant

Not sure which owl you’re seeing? Just check your owl shirt! (Unfortunately, it can’t help you ID your owl by sound.) This nifty tee has many North American owls on it, including the great horned, snowy and barred. Seven colors and a variety of styles are available.

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Here’s your guide to the amazing owls in North America.

6. Find 11 Owls

Owl Shirts The MountainVia Merchant

Here’s another shirt for those who love realistic illustrations. As the name says, there are 11 owls on this shirt. Can you find and name them all?

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7. Stringiform

Owl Shirts Woot StringiformVia Merchant

We’ve got another pun for you: in taxonomy, owls make up the order “Strigiforme.” Not everyone who sees this owl shirt will get the play on words, but they’ll enjoy this inventive design.

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8. Winter Forest Owls

Owl Shirts TeePublic NightVia Merchant

This owl shirt features another subtle design, an owl silhouette revealing a snowy winter forest scene.

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Learn how to identify eastern and western screech owls.

9. Birdorable Owl Shirts

Owl Shirts TeePublic BirdorableVia Merchant

This cute owl shirt boasts recognizable species in an adorable style! It’s a fun combination of nature and art.

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Learn all about great horned owls.

10. Owls of the Nile

Owl Shirts ThreadlessVia Merchant

In this shirt’s stylized design, owls are combined with beautiful patterns and symbols. It’s an elegant choice for any owl fan.

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Psst—northern saw whet owls are the cutest owls.

11. Dramatic Owl

Screen Shot 2022 06 23 At 10.36.51 AmVia Merchant

Anyone who finds owls some of the most majestic birds will love these owl shirts. An owl looks truly regal as it perches on a branch in this design, which can be printed on 20 colors and in sizes XS to 3XL.

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Learn how to spot the owl in your backyard trees.

12. Early-Bird Owl

Screen Shot 2022 06 23 At 9.27.30 AmVia Merchant

It’s easy to be a morning person if an owl this cute greets you with your coffee! This super-adorable shirt design features an owl standing on a cup of coffee (or tea). It’s available in a ton of different styles, including sweatshirts, V-necks and of course, owl shirts. A wide variety of colors are also available.

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