August Birth Flower Poppy Gift Guide

Updated: May 15, 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about the August birth flower and gift ideas to celebrate your favorite August birthdays.

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august birth flower, poppyCourtesy Kathy Durr
Poppy in bloom

Two of summer’s most vibrant flowers—gladiolus and poppies—are also August’s birth flower. These colorful late-summer blooms have similar meanings rooted in strength, respect, and remembrance.

Here’s everything you need to know about the August birth flower. And if your friends and family have August birthdays, we found the best August floral-inspired gifts to help them celebrate. Who doesn’t love a gift inspired by flowers?

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What Is the August Birth Flower?

female goldfinchCourtesy Martha Tully
Female goldfinch on a gladiolus

The August birth flower is the gladiolus. The tall flowering plants bring bright pops of color in a wide array of colors like purple, pink, white, yellow, and even green to the garden. You can harvest fresh-cut flowers to create your own colorful bouquets all summer long. These easy to grow plants do best in full sun and look best when planted in bunches. Don’t miss the best hummingbird gifts for any occasion.

What Are the Meanings of August’s Birth Flower?

gladiolus and hummingbirdCourtesy Martha Tully
Gladiolus and hummingbird

The gladiolus stands for integrity, honor, and strength. The meaning of the gladiolus can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome when gladiators would be covered in gladiolus flowers after winning battles. The flower is also a symbol for healing. Check out the best gifts for bee lovers.

More August Birth Flowers

orange poppies august birth flowerCourtesy Caroline Wilson
Orange poppies

August has a second birth flower—the poppy. While the red poppy may be the most recognizable, poppies actually come in shades of yellow, orange and even blue too! Poppies symbolize respect and remembrance. Different color poppies also signify different meanings: red poppies mean pleasure; white poppies are given for consolation; and yellow poppies symbolize well wishes and success for the future.

Now that you know more about the August birth flower, we’ve got the perfect gifts for everyone on your August birthday list—from handmade coffee mugs and virtual painting classes to beautiful pieces of jewelry and everything in between.

August Birth Flower Poppy Gift Guide

Gladiolus Bulbs

gladiolus bulbs, august birth flowerVia

Add bright pops of color to the birthday garden with this Mardi Gras mixture of gladiolus bulbs. These large funnel-shaped blooms will catch your eye with their vibrant shades of purple, pink and peach. Each set includes 10 bulbs. Tip: Plant bulbs every few weeks for continuous flowering throughout the season.

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Personalized Poppy Note Cards Set

poppy notecardsVia

This personalized birth flower stationery set includes 12 folded note cards with matching envelopes. The note cards include four different designs—each with a gorgeous array of vibrant red poppies on the front, along with the name of your choice. This is a thoughtful August birth flower gift!

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Gladiolus Mug

august birth flower mugVia

These handmade birth flower mugs are imprinted with a stamp made from a custom gladiolus drawing, then painted in a beautifully colored gaze. The name of the month and flower, along with the flower’s meaning, is inscribed on the bottom of each mug.

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Poppy Flower Grow Kit

poppy birth flower kitVia

Easily grow poppy flowers with this all-in-one birthday flower kit that’s sure to make any August birthday giftee smile. The kit includes seeds, a clear vase for planting, soil-less growing material, instructions and information about what the August birth flower symbolizes. Fun!

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Gladiolus Necklace

gladiolus necklaceVia

Enjoy Great Gatsby Art Deco vibes with this gladiolus necklace. The diamond-shaped hard enamel pendant is dipped in your choice of 18 karat gold or sterling silver and features three words describing the symbolism of the gladiolus on the back: integrity, persistence and strength.

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Virtual Flower Painting Class

flower painting classVia

Give the gift of flowers that don’t fade. Learn to paint a personalized watercolor featuring your birth month flower in this 90-minute online class. An expert instructor guides you step-by-step through the process of creating your own piece of floral art. Supplies are not included as part of this package. Use what you already have or purchase the materials from the recommended supply list.

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Poppy Enamel Keychain

august birth flower poppy keychainVia

Proudly carry the August birth flower all year long with this poppy-shaped enamel keychain. There’s also an option to add an engraved brass tag and gift wrapping for that extra special touch.

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Poppy Birth Flower Bracelet

poppy braceletVia

This dainty birth flower bracelet showcases a beautiful hand-stamped image of a poppy on a charm that hangs from a silver or gold chain. This gift is beautifully presented in custom packaging that includes the name of the birth month, birth flower and symbolism.

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Poppy Cell Phone Case

poppy phone caseVia

Dress up your cell phone with this cheerful case covered in a colorful red and white poppy flower print. Available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your personal device, this snap case is also available in your choice of soft silicone or hard plastic. Here are unique gifts for butterfly lovers.

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Personalized Poppy Art Print

august birth flower poppy art printVia

Celebrate August birthdays with this personalized art print. The centerpiece is three vibrant red poppies, hand-illustrated by the artist. The name of the month, symbolism of the flower and the name of your choice are also included. Choose a digital format to print yourself or have a copy shipped to you.

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