October Birth Flower Marigold Gift Guide

Updated: May 15, 2023

Here’s everything you need to know about the October birth flower and gift ideas to celebrate your favorite October birthdays!

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monarch on marigold flowersCourtesy Bruce Fenster
Monarch butterfly on yellow marigold flowers

There are two vibrant October birth flowers: marigold and cosmos. Both flowers are quick and easy to grow. In addition to adding eye-catching pops of color to any garden, marigold and cosmos attract summer pollinators, like hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.

We can’t get enough marigolds and cosmos, and noticed they make a perfect theme for October birthday gifts. Who doesn’t love a personalized gift inspired by flowers?

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What Are October’s Birth Flowers?

cosmos, october birth flower gift guideCourtesy Robert Nalker
Cosmos flowers

October has not one, but two birth flowers: marigold and cosmos. Both of the October birth flowers are vibrant, colorful annuals that bloom from summer to fall.

Marigolds are colorful flowers that come in the radiant shades of sunshine: yellow and orange. They’re wonderful at attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators—plus, they’re deer-resistant. Their strong scent is a turnoff for most deer, although they still snack on them from time-to-time. Marigolds and cosmos are also miracle workers at attracting birds. If you have marigolds in your garden, don’t forget to deadhead flowers to keep your garden blooming.

Cosmos are beautiful, easy to grow annuals. These traditional cottage garden plants grow fast and tall. In fact, some can grow up to six-feet tall, making cosmos an excellent choice for garden borders. Their daisy-like flowers are known for their symmetrical, orderly blooms. Cosmos come in a range of colors, and there’s even one known as the chocolate cosmos. It’s as delicious-looking (and smelling!) as it sounds. Here’s why cosmos flowers are beloved by bees and butterflies.

What Are the Meanings of October’s Birth Flowers?

october birth flower gift guideCourtesy Jessi Wasell
Orange marigolds

Bright orange and yellow marigolds represent optimism and prosperity. In addition to being associated with October birthdays, they’re also linked with the end of life and afterlife. Marigolds are commonly used during Dia de los Muertos, which is a celebration of life and a way to honor those who have passed away. It’s believed that the bright colors and strong scent of the marigolds will guide the souls of loved ones to their families during the celebration.

cosmosCourtesy Kay Christensen
White cosmos flowers

Cosmos symbolize order, peace and harmony. The meaning is derived from the origin of its Greek name, “kosmos,” which means order and harmony of the world. With that, the flower’s evenly placed petals inspired the name, cosmos.

Now that you know more about October’s birth flowers, we’ve got the perfect gifts for everyone on your October birthday list—from elegant letterpress stationery and flower seeds to relaxing shower steamers and everything in between.

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October Birth Flower Gift Guide

Marigold Flower Grow Kit

marigold growing kitVia Uncommongoods.com

Give the gift of an all-in-one marigold grow kit to someone celebrating an October birthday. This kit includes everything needed to grow colorful blooms: marigold seeds, a glass bottle, soil-less growing medium, instructions, and information about what marigolds symbolize.

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Cosmos Shower Steamers

cosmos shower steamerVia Uncommongoods.com

This charming box of aromatherapy shower steamers is a thoughtful way to gift a little relaxation to anyone on your October birthday list. The fizzy cubes are packed with essential oils inspired by cosmos and dissolve in the shower. Who needs a bathtub?

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Cosmos Tote Bag

october birth flower gift guideVia Etsy.com

Show your love for the environment with this sustainable canvas tote bag featuring an illustration of cosmos on the front. Ideal for running errands or going to the grocery store, this tote will come in handy at all times.

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Marigold Seed Mix

marigold seedsVia Amazon.com

Add a pop of color to your loved one’s garden with this marigold seed mix. This pack includes 1,000 heirloom, non-GMO seeds. They’ll be enjoying gorgeous, sunset-toned marigolds in no time.

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Marigold Earrings

marigold earringsVia Uncommongoods.com

These homemade birth flower earrings are a beautiful way to enjoy marigolds all year long. The resin pendants include a real marigold petal, stem and leaf, and hang from a sterling silver earring wire.

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Marigold Letterpress Stationary

marigold stationaryVia Etsy.com

This elegant letterpress stationary set is sure to leave a lasting impression on any gift recipient. Each card features three marigold blooms pressed in the ink color of your choice: honey gold or tangerine orange. For a personalized touch, customize the notecards with your loved one’s name. Stunning!

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Cosmos Cupcakes Blush Seed Mix

cosmos seeds, october birth flowerVia Etsy.com

These blush cosmos seeds add unique blooms to any garden. Their unique zig zag edges and tufted middles mimic paper cupcake wrappers, hence their delicious name. Grow them in the garden, then cut to enjoy in bouquets.

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Marigold Enamel Pin Set

marigold pinsVia Etsy.com

Show your loved one you care with this marigold enamel pin set. Each set includes four marigold pins; one in each color: yellow, red, pink and orange. These pins look lovely clustered together on a jacket or individually on a collar as a small accent piece.

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Marigold Watercolor Art Print

marigold art print, october birth flowerVia Etsy.com

This print of an original watercolor flower painting is a gift that will be admired for years to come. The reproduction of the original artwork includes a colorful bouquet of marigolds, along with the name of the month and flower. Note: a frame is not included.

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Personalized Cosmos Mug

cosmos mugVia Etsy.com

Celebrate October birthdays every morning and all year-long with this birth flower mug. Available in a variety of sizes (there’s even a to-go option), this mug displays a hand-drawn bouquet of cosmos, along with the name of the flower, birth month and their symbolism. Personalize this gift with the name of your choice. Too cute!

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