July Birth Flower Gift Guide

Updated: Jul. 25, 2023

Learn the meaning behind the July birth flower, and celebrate your favorite July birthdays with flower power gifts!  

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Larkspur flowers, Delphinium elatumAndreaAstes/Getty Images
Larkspur flowers in white, purple and blue colors

As we welcome the balmy weather and long days of July, summer is in full swing. And in the garden, larkspur, also known as delphinium. the birth month flower for July, are in full bloom. Here’s everything you need to know about the July birth flower and the best July floral-inspired gifts to help your friends, family and love ones celebrate their big day.

Not celebrating a July birthday? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with birth flower gift guides for January, February, MarchAprilMayJune, August, September, October, November and December too.

What is July’s Birth Flower?

Rufous Hummingbird and LarkspurGeorge Lepp/Getty Images
A rufous hummingbird approaches a larkspur flower

July’s birth flower is the larkspur, a classic choice for a cottage garden. These annuals produce tall spired stalks covered in beautiful blooms of colorful flowers—including indigo, purple and pink—surrounded by green foliage. The name larkspur dates back to the Tudors, who likened the flower’s resemblance to a lark’s spur or claw.

Larkspurs are easy to care for and grow quickly from seed. Plant larkspur in full sun for the best blooms and avoid windy locations—the tall stalks are prone to bend over. Larkspurs are also one top tube-shaped flowers that attract hummingbirds to your garden. Cut back these pollinator-friendly flowers around midsummer for a second bloom. Be advised that all parts of all larkspur species are poisonous, so be cautious about planting around children or pets.

What Are the Meanings of July’s Birth Flower?

For those with a July birthday, the larkspur symbolizes love, positivity and an open heart. A different meaning is associated with the many colors of the vibrant bloom: pink means fickleness; white means happiness; purple represents a first love; and blue signifies grace.

More July Birth Flowers

Bnbbyc18 Vianne PendletonCourtesy Vianne Pendleton
Water lily

In addition to the larkspur, the water lily is also known as the July birth flower. The lotus-like flowers grow in the water and bloom from May to early September. Each flower only lasts about four days after they bloom, before settling into the water. Because of this, the water lily is commonly thought to symbolize purity and rebirth. Check out more beautiful flowers to inspire your dream garden.

Now that you know more about July’s birth flowers, we’ve got the perfect gifts for everyone on your July birthday list—from relaxing aromatherapy shower steamers and botanical scarves to tea towels and everything in between. We love a floral-inspired birthday gift!

July Birth Flower Gift Guide

Larkspur Giant Imperial Flowers

july birth flowerVia Etsy.com

Gift larkspur flower seeds to someone celebrating a July birthday. These colorful blooms are easy to grow and don’t require much care to keep them looking beautiful in the garden. Stick the seeds inside a bird card for a fun surprise!

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Larkspur Pressed Flower Necklace

july birth flowerVia Etsy.com

July birthday babies can wear their birth flower with pride thanks to this beautiful piece of jewelry. The larkspur necklace has a real, pressed purple flower set in clear resin with gold-metallic edging. Choose from chain lengths between 16 and 34 inches.

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Water Lily Shower Steamer

july birth flowerVia Uncommongoods.com

Treat the birthday celebrant to some at-home relaxation with these fragrant water lily shower steamers. This handmade set includes four fizzy cubes made with an essential-oil blend inspired by the water lily. It even comes in a super-cute gift box!

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Larkspur Giclee Print

july birth flowerVia Etsy.com

This gorgeous giclee print of an original painting features a bold blue stalk of larkspur visited by a monarch butterfly. This piece of art is available in four sizes and printed on high quality Arches watercolor paper for an extra-special touch.

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Birth Month Flower Scarf

july birth flower scarfVia Uncommongoods.com

This botanical printed scarf features a beautiful pattern of blue larkspur flowers. This scarf is packaged in a thoughtful gift box that notes the larkspur is the July birth flower, along with the associated characteristics. It’s also available for the other 11 birth month flowers if you want to get all your gifting done at once!

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Larkspur Tea Towel

larkspur towelVia Uncommongoods.com

This tea towel is thoughtful, functional and eye-catching. The tea towel is printed with a vibrant illustration of larkspur flowers, along with its scientific name, and what the flower symbolizes for those with July birthdays—dignity and an open heart.

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Water Lily Stained Glass

water lily stained glassVia Etsy.com

This beautiful water lily stained glass piece is made by hand with an original lotus flower design. The iridescent glass looks wonderful in any window of the house. Purchase as-is or place a custom order to request a specific color scheme.

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Personalized Birth Flower Mug

july birth flower mugVia Etsy.com

This personalized birth flower mug features the name of your choice, alongside an illustration of water lilies and the symbolism of the July birth flower. This mug is a nice reminder of the importance of “positivity” all year long. Other birthday flowers are also available.

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Larkspur Journal

larkspur journalVia Etsy.com

This meaningful journal proudly displays a larkspur in a full bloom laser engraved on its cover. Available in sophisticated black or brown, gift givers also have the option of customizing the vegan leather journal by adding the recipient’s name. It’s perfect for jotting down daily meditations, your birding life list, garden ideas or your friends’ and family members’ birthdays.

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Birthday Flower in a Bottle

flower in a bottleVia Uncommongoods.com

Enjoy a tiny reminder of birthday joy with this birthday flower in a bottle. The mini art piece includes real blooms inspired by July’s birth flower, birthday sparkles and a small card wishing “positivity and strength” for the year ahead.

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