November Birth Flower Gift Guide

Updated: May 15, 2023

Autumn’s most popular bloom, chrysanthemum, is also the November birth flower. Here are gifts inspired by the chrysanthemum for anyone on your November birthday list!

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chrysanthemum flowersCourtesy Cynthia Nelson
The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum

When fall’s in full swing, porches and gardens across the country are decorated with the November birth flower—chrysanthemums. More commonly known as mums, the November birth flower is one of autumn’s most popular flowers.

Chrysanthemums bloom in a variety of bright colors, making them a decorative focus for gifts—especially for November birthdays and Thanksgiving tables.

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What Is the November Birth Flower?

chrysanthemumCourtesy Hope Grasser
Chrysanthemums are popular fall flowers

Chrysanthemum, also known as mums, is the official November birth flowers. These popular fall plants come in a variety of vibrant autumn hues like yellow, burgundy, orange, pink, purple and even white.

While there are hundreds of chrysanthemum varieties across the globe, only two basic groups of mums are available for purchase: florist mums and garden mums.

Chrysanthemums are florist mums, which are typically grown and sold as an annual. They’re a beautiful flower to show off during the holiday season and make stunning fall displays, but they won’t survive harsh winter weather. Garden mums tend to be heartier perennials that are planted directly into your garden for enjoyment year after year. Just don’t plant them in the fall.

What Is the Meaning of November’s Birth Flower?

Colorful Chrysanthemums BackgroundNora Carol Photography/Getty Images
Colorful chrysanthemums

Mums represent friendship, honesty and loyalty. The meaning of chrysanthemums change based on the color of the bloom. White mums symbolize loyalty and honesty; yellow mums represent a broken heart; violet mums are known for get-well wishes; and red mums symbolize love.

Now that you know more about the November birth flower, take a look at these chrysanthemum-inspired gifts. From sustainable tote bags to jewelry these floral gifts are sure to impress everyone on your November birthday list. And they make excellent Thanksgiving host gifts, too!

November Birth Flower Gift Guide

Chrysanthemum T-Shirt

Chrysanthemum shirtVia

This t-shirt features a botanical illustration of a chrysanthemum, along with the meaning of the November birth flower: pure love and honesty. Not only does it make a beautiful gift, a tree is planted by One Tree Planted for every t-shirt purchased. Choose from three different colors and a variety sizes.

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Chrysanthemum Charm Bracelet

Chrysanthemum charm braceletVia

This knot-style bangle bracelet includes a delicate charm with a chrysanthemum illustration. The bangle adjusts to the wearer’s wrist size, and three finishes are available: rose gold, silver and gold. Stunning.

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Chrysanthemum Scarf

Chrysanthemum scarfVia

This botanical print scarf featuring a pattern of chrysanthemums is the perfect accessory to any outfit. The wearer can dress it up or dress it down, cherishing it for years to come. Bonus: this scarf comes pre-packaged in a decorative gift box printed with the flower’s name and the associated meanings.

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Mum Sweatshirt

Chrysanthemum sweatshirtVia

Everyone needs a cozy sweatshirt to wear on crisp fall nights, which is why this chrysanthemum sweatshirt is a go-to pick for November birthdays. It’s stylish enough to wear out to brunch or to Friday night sports games. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

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Chrysanthemum Tote Bag

november birth flower tote bagVia

Not only is this canvas tote bag sustainable and eco-friendly, its a cute accessory. Each bag features an illustration of the November birth flower printed on one side. This tote is ideal for grocery shopping or running everyday errands.

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Chrysanthemum Robe

november birth flower robeVia

Give the gift of relaxation with this watercolor chrysanthemum robe. It’s pretty enough to wear around the house, and the fabric is made from sustainably sourced, biodegradable material, so you can feel good about where it came from.

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Chrysanthemum Tea Towels

november birth flower towelVia

This chrysanthemum tea towel is guaranteed to add some sunshine to any kitchen. The unique watercolor design makes it a beautiful gift, and the person on your list will think of you every time they put it on display.

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Mum Seeds

Chrysanthemum seedsVia

If you can’t gift a bouquet of mums, you can gift these mum seeds. Sure, they take a little more TLC, but the growing process is part of the fun. This set includes 400 chrysanthemum seeds in a variety of colors. Tuck them inside a birthday card.

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Chrysanthemum Glassware

Chrysanthemum GlasswareVia

Help your loved one raise a glass to their birthday with this stemless chrysanthemum wine glass. And if they don’t drink wine, it’s a chic find that can be used to hold any beverage.

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Chrysanthemum Necklace

november birth flower necklaceVia

This handmade, heart-shaped necklace is set in clear eco-resin, freezing the beauty of the November birth flower in time. Small, colorful chrysanthemum flowers are preserved in the charm and displayed on a 24 karat gold-plated adjustable chain.

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