June Birth Flower Gift Guide

Updated: May 15, 2023

June birth flowers are coming up roses. Celebrate the June birthdays in your life with the perfect gift idea.

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june birth flower gift guideCourtesy Janice Dieckow
Cherry parfait rose

The June birth flower comes in countless shapes and sizes, from a bouquet of classic red roses to rugosa roses and fast-growing climbing multicolored roses. Here’s everything you need to know about the colorful and fragrant June birth flower, including some surprising facts. And if your loved ones have June birthdays, we found the best birth flower gifts to help them celebrate their special day.

Not celebrating a June birthday? Don’t’ worry—we’ve got you covered with January, FebruaryMarch, April, May, July, August, September, October, November and December birth flower gift guides too. Bonus: See if your birth month flower has a special meaning.

What Is June’s Birth Flower?

june birth flower gift guide, roseCourtesy Mary Lou Jubin

June’s birth month flower is the rose. Not any rose in particular, which is a good thing because there are well over 30,000 varieties of roses worldwide!

Generally, roses are categorized into three main types: wild roses (or species roses), old garden roses and modern garden roses. Wild roses go way, way, back. They are thought to be 35 million years old and are the source of all other rose varieties. Their flowers often have only a simple row of petals. Old roses, sometimes called heritage or historic roses, are roses bred before 1867. Last, but certainly not least, modern roses come in a variety of sizes, colors, and new forms like mini and landscape roses. Did you know roses are also the national flower?

Roses not only look many different ways, they also come in a multitude of scents ranging from classic rose to spicy—and even fruity. Check out these fragrant roses you can add to your garden.

What Are the Meanings of June’s Birth Flower?

The rose is generally known to represent love, beauty and devotion. But roses have the unique power to carry their own special meanings based on their individual color. Red roses, which are a popular gift on anniversaries and holidays like Valentine’s Day, are the symbol of love and romance. Yellow roses symbolize friendship. And white roses mean innocence, purity or sympathy. Learn more about the many rose color meanings.

More June Birth Flowers

A ruby-throated hummingbird flying around with a trumpet honeysuckle bloom on its beak.Courtesy Marc Fahringer
A ruby-throated hummingbird flying with a trumpet honeysuckle bloom on its bill.

The honeysuckle is the other June birth flower. A symbol of happiness and affection, this plant produces colorful trumpet-shaped flowers that have a sweet scent that’s especially strong during the evening. Many types of honeysuckle are invasive—but the trumpet honeysuckle is one exception. Not only is a gorgeous addition to any garden, the trumpet honeysuckle is a favorite for hummingbirds.

Now that you know more about both of June’s birth flowers, we’ve got the perfect rose and honeysuckle gifts for everyone on your June birthday list—from bouquets of fresh-cut flowers and custom stationery sets to rose-scented diffusers and jewelry.

June Birth Flower Gift Guide

Rosebud Earrings

june birth flower gift guideVia Uncommongoods.com

These pretty half-moon earrings are a fun way to showcase the June birth flower any time of year. Each earring is handmade with vibrant red rosebuds in an eco-resin. The roses are sustainably grown from South America, and each pair is completely unique.

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Mixed Rose Bouquet

rosesVia FTD.com

Send a farm-fresh bunch of two dozen colorful roses to celebrate a June birthday. Sending flowers, like a bouquet of vibrant roses will make anyone smile on their special day. This is an especially nice birthday gift option if you live in a different state.

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Rose Jewelry Dish

june birth flower gift guideVia Etsy.com

Each of these hand-shaped jewelry dishes are imprinted with stamped custom birth month flower drawings, then painted in a rich red rose hue. The name of the month and flower, along with the flower’s meaning, is stamped into the bottom of the dish. It’s the perfect personalized June birthday gift! Psst—don’t forget to send a card.

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Rose Stationery Set

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This personalized stationery set comes with a suite of products featuring gorgeous light pink roses and the name of your choice. The set includes folded and flat note cards with envelopes and a 50-sheet notepad. This rose gift will definitely earn you a thank you note!

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Garden Rose Diffuser

june birth flower gift guideVia Potterybarn.com

Gift the scent of a fresh-cut bouquet of roses any time of year with this Monique Lhuillier garden rose diffuser. This rose gift adds scent to a room for up to one month and the pink bottle is an elegant accent.

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Rose Keychain

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This personalized key chain is handmade with real, pressed roses and golf leaf in the the letter of your choice. This thoughtful gift will be enjoyed any time they open the front door.

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Rose Name Necklace

june birth flower gift guideVia Etsy.com

This beautiful necklace features a combination of the June birth flower, a rose, and the name of your choice. Customize it with the length and metal of your choice—gold, silver or rose gold. Of course, we recommend rose gold to keep the June birth flower theme going!

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Trumpet Honeysuckle Plant

june birth flower gift guide, trumpet honeysuckleVia Etsy.com

Want to gift more birds in their yard? Trumpet honeysuckle plants are very attractive to hummingbirds. This non-aggressive climbing vine features beautiful red blooms and matures up to 20 feet tall. It’s a fantastic June birth flower gift for the gardener who also loves hummingbirds.

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Honeysuckle Candle

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Enjoy the sweet scent of honeysuckle with this hand-poured candle. The reusable eight-ounce rocks glass container has a beautiful honeysuckle printed on the outside. Enjoy the container as a decorative glass or jar long after the soy candle wax has burned.

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