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10 Peony Arrangements and Gifts to Send This Spring

If you know someone who loves peonies, send them one of these fresh peony arrangements or peony gift ideas to welcome spring.

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Precious Pink Peony Arrangements

If you can’t get enough pink blooms, order this pink peony arrangement from 1-800-Flowers. Pick a single or double bouquet and three colors of vases.

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Grower’s Choice Peonies

If you love all of the peony flower colors, send this bouquet of pretty peonies from Urban Stems—you can choose from 10, 20 or 30 stems.

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Learn how to grow and care for peony flowers.

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Perfect Pearl Peonies

These peony arrangements by From You Flowers are bursting with huge white blooms. The design was inspired by a pearl, the June birthstone. (Psst—do you know the June Birth Flower)? Roses, carnations and sweet peas add pops of pretty pastel colors.

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Love Peonies Mug

There’s always room to squeeze in one more peony plant, am I right? If that’s how you feel, too, this funny peonies mug is perfect for you.

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Peony & Blush Suede Perfume

Spritz yourself with the scent of peonies every day. This floral, fruity perfume also includes notes red apple, jasmine, rose and gillyflower.

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Peony Ring Dish

Keep one of these hand-painted ceramic ring dishes near every sink so you’ll never lose your favorite rings. Rose and and tulip designs are also available.

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Peony Candle

With this handmade soy wax candle, you can enjoy the enchanting fragrance of peonies and lilies even when you’re indoors. The seller also offers many other floral and nature inspired candles so you’re sure to find a favorite.

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Peony Soap

These gorgeous soaps look (and smell) just like real peonies in full bloom! Display a few in your favorite colors to the powder room. You can choose to have the soaps packaged in gift bags for an instant present idea.

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Peony Flower Necklace

Show your love of these flowers to the world by wearing a pretty peony necklace. Choose from a gold or silver finish and three different chain lengths.

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Peony: The Best Varieties for Your Garden

Learn everything you need to know about growing peonies, including how to choose the best varieties for your yard, in this gorgeous garden book. Keep it on your coffee table so you can enjoy looking at the colorful pictures in every season.

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Lori Vanover
Lori Vanover is the senior digital editor for Birds & Blooms. She has a bachelor's degree in agricultural and environmental communications from the University of Illinois. Lori is certified as a Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener and is also a member of the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology.