9 Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Flowers

Updated: Jan. 26, 2024

Celebrate the Stars and Stripes with a flower garden bursting with patriotic pride. Here are the best red, white and blue flowers to plant.

Salute the red, white, and blue with a garden fit for the Fourth of July. Keep things simple and fill your favorite planter or pot with a display of flashy blossoms. Or go all out with a tribute of flowerbeds that match the flag with red, white and blue flowers. We also explain why we picked each one of these plants for our list of patriotic flowers. Ka-bloom!


Shasta Daisy

leucanthemum x superbum (Chrysanthemum x Superbum), Zones 5 to 9

Sturdy enough to survive a heavy rainstorm but light enough to give your landscape a delicate look, this lacy white perennial is popular for good reason. It’s an easygoing plant that soaks up full sun and attracts plenty of butterflies from summer to fall.

Why we love it: Shasta daisies look good in nearly any flower arrangement, and they handle the hot humid weather in the South and the North’s cold temperatures.

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Dasante Blue Larkspur

Delphinium elatum, Zones 5 to 8

Brighten up your yard with tall stalks clustered with blue flowers. This perennial makes its flashy entrance in early summer, and deadheading keeps the color coming. Plus, bees and butterflies love its sweet nectar. Just be careful when furry friends are around—this plant, particularly the sprouts, is toxic to pets.

Why we love it: Freshly cut flowers are a warm weather must-have, and Dasante Blue larkspur is the perfect candidate. Grab your shears and snip a few stems to bring a little beauty to your favorite cool yet bright spot in the house.


Caramba Shrub Rose

Rosa x Tanabamar, Zones 5 to 9

Butterflies love to visit these bold flowers that bloom all season. This compact shrub is heavy with clusters of round red roses with creamy yellow centers. Line a walkway or path with shrub roses, or use them as pops of color against a white picket fence.

Why we love it: These delicate roses may look fragile, but don’t be fooled. They’re highly disease- and pest-resistant—tough yet pretty customers. 

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Proven Winners

Cape Town Blue Daisy

Felicia hybrid, annual

Bring on the sun! These lively daisies are heat-tolerant and grow best in full sunshine. Buttery yellow centers contrast beautifully with their true-blue petals. When mature, they reach up to 12 inches tall.

Why we love it: New and improved, the Cape Town Blue daisies are more compact and free-flowering than the varieties that came before them. Now that’s worth celebrating this season.

FanscarletlobeliaDoreen Wynja for Monrovia

Fan Scarlet Lobelia

Lobelia X Speciosa, Zones 5 to 9

This perennial becomes the MVP of your red, white and blue flower garden in no time, especially when planted along a pond or water garden that needs a bit of glam. Its deep scarlet flowers are impossible for hummingbirds and butterflies to resist. Keep to a watering schedule during its first growing season so it takes root.

Why we love it: Black thumbs rejoice! Fan Scarlet lobelia is more adaptable than other lobelias. Plus, it grows quickly and withstands a lot of water. It even thrives in very wet soil.

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Ball Horticultural for Monrovia

Beacon Impatiens

Impatiens hybrid, annual

Beat the heat with an annual that grows best in full shade and erupts in pearly white from spring through fall. Butterflies make regular stops at the large, round blooms, and even if you forget to water it, this impatiens bounces back.

Why we love it: From subtle ivory to flashy hot pink, it’s a snap to find the just-right shade of Beacon impatiens. This flower is also disease resistant.

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Proven Winners

Beth’s Blue Star Flower

Isotoma fluviatillis, annual

Give a nod to the Stars and Stripes whenever you plant these award-winning, five-pointed gems. This sun-loving annual is a fantastic neighbor to other red, white and blue flowers within a planter, pot or window box. Get creative—see what kinds of color combos you can grow in one container.

Why we love it: Once this star flower’s blossoms burst onto the scene, it doesn’t stop blooming until the first frost sets in.

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Walters Gardens, Inc.

Royal Candles Spike Speedwell

Veronica spicata, zones 3 to 8

A deep purplish blue rises up to light-green unopened buds in this long-blooming Royal Candles spike speedwell that’s a standout in any red, white and blue flower garden. It grows well in sunny and partly shady spots and average soil conditions.

Why we love it: When its flowers start to fade, clip back the blooms to encourage fresh growth.

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Tukana Scarlet Star Verbena

Verbena hybrid, annual

Grab your favorite hanging basket and settle this candy-red annual inside for eye-catching spillover all season long. Window boxes and landscape beds also are natural fits for Tukana Scarlet Star. Just get ready for a rush of hungry butterflies.

Why we love it: Everyone likes a new haircut, and this cheery native plant is no exception. Once its branches reach a healthy length, try trimming them back for a fuller appearance and more brilliant blooms.

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