What Does Your Favorite Flower Color Say About You?

Updated: Feb. 23, 2023

Do you have a favorite flower color in the garden? Learn the secrets of flower color meanings and which hues you should choose to grow.

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Fireball hibiscus

Red Flower Color Meanings

If you gravitate toward red flower colors, it probably means you’re an extrovert and impossible to ignore. You are enthusiastic and prone to impulsive moods and actions.

Red blends well with white and yellow flowers or with silver and gray foliage plants. The blooms also look great against a background of dark evergreens or a white picket fence.

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Blue Flowers Meaning

This is the color people most often name as their favorite. A preference for blue flowers signifies introspection, sensitivity and conservatism. You tend to weigh options carefully and are cautious about taking action.

Blue is easy to blend with other colors. It goes particularly well with yellow, white or pale gray plants. Alone, however, blue flowers will get lost against a backdrop of evergreens.

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Mesa Gaillardia

Yellow Flowers Meaning

If you love yellow, you have great imagination and a tremendous drive for self-fulfillment. Intellectuals and idealists often prefer the color yellow. If you choose this flower color, it means you make a good confidant and a true friend.

Those who love yellow flowers will find that the hue contrasts well with red or blue. Many consider blue and yellow to be the most beautiful of all color combinations in the garden.

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Alpenglow geranium

Pink Flowers Meaning

A love of pink indicates wealth, a good position in society and a character full of charm and warmth. Those who choose the color pink as their favorite are usually pampered, loved and cared for.

Use pink flowers along with pale blue or pale yellow blooms. Many consider pink to be the finest of all garden colors because it seems to take on the characteristics of all other colors.

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Dove columbine, flower color meanings
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Dove columbine

White Flowers Meaning

Few people choose white when asked to name their favorite flower color. Those who do generally enjoy a simple life. This pure color also means innocence.

You can’t go wrong with white flowers in a garden. This color blends well with just about anything, including red, blue, purple, pink and yellow. White flowers look most spectacular by themselves against a backdrop of dark evergreen. Also try them in a moon garden.

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