12 Colorful Pictures of Coneflowers in Bloom

Updated: Jul. 11, 2023

These vibrant flowers are a staple in many gardens! Appreciate their beauty with a healthy garden of lovely pictures of coneflowers.

307924682 1 George Kurzik Bnb Pc 2022
Courtesy George Kurzik

Monarch Butterfly on Coneflowers

Reader George Kurzik snapped pictures of coneflowers with a monarch butterfly sipping nectar.

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254009671 1 Deborah Engle Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Deborah Engle

Pictures of Coneflowers in a Butterfly Garden

“I often drive out to Crosswinds Marsh to take pictures, and one of the attractions is a small butterfly garden. It is filled with Echinacea and black-eyed Susans. I found this exquisite bloom towards the end of July. I love the perfect formation and the slight swirl of the petals,” says Deborah Engle.

Prairie coneflower thrives in hot, sunny spots.

251048903 1 Ingrid Ehrensbeck Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Ingrid Ehrensbeck

Favorite Nectar Source

“Every summer I look forward to the blooming of my coneflowers and what they will attract. I love that many different butterflies come to feed, and this one was a pleasure to watch go from bloom to bloom,” says Ingrid Ehrensbeck.

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253996713 1 Shauni Snead Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Shauni Snead

Pretty Pictures of Pink Coneflowers

“I fell in love with coneflowers probably 10 years ago, when a coworker took me to see her gardens on our lunch break. I was around 20 years old at the time, and I decided that when I was older, I wanted to have a garden full of coneflowers. Fast forward, I’m married and we finally have the amazing coneflower garden I always dreamed of. I found this variety called “Raspberry Truffle,” and I have fallen in love with it. I never thought I would have a favorite coneflower, but this has quickly become No. 1 on my list,” says Shauni Snead.

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251533341 1 Kathy Townsend Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Kathy Townsend

Frog on a Coneflower Bloom

“I love gardening and photography, and one summer morning I saw this tree frog posing so nicely for me on one of my coneflowers. I used my camera to get this shot, and I chose it because I had never seen such a little frog on one of my blooms. It was so unique. I took this photo in my yard in Tennessee,” says Kathy Townsend.

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276602633 1 Dr. David Sloas Bnb Bypc 2021
Courtesy Dr. David Sloas

A Morning Visitor

“I took this photo in Memphis, Tennessee. I was photographing hummingbirds when this gulf fritillary landed on a Tomato Soup coneflower in our native pollinator garden,” says Dr. David Sloas.

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252371371 1 Debra Senechal Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Debra Senechal

Western Tiger Swallowtail on Coneflower

“In the beautiful gardens of the state park I was visiting this summer I spotted this beautiful western tiger swallowtail butterfly. I took this picture with my digital camera. I really love the combination of flowers and the color of the yellow butterfly. It represents summertime perfectly,” says Debra Senechal.

251300333 1 Elisa Shaw Bnb Bypc2020, pictures of coneflowers
Courtesy Elisa Shaw

A Uniquely Posed Monarch

“I have several gardens on our property and love to try and capture the butterflies as they come thorough every summer. Last summer I took several monarch butterfly photos, but this one was by far my favorite,” says Elisa Shaw.

276696611 1 Lynice Anderson Bnb Bypc 2021, pictures of coneflowers
Courtesy Lynice Anderson

Summer Pictures of a Red Coneflower

“I have a large flowerbed on our front walk that is filled with several perennials in a rainbow of hues. This coneflower was looking so fabulous on one July morning that I used my micro/macro lens to snap a few shots. One thing I really enjoy about Echinacea is how long they bloom and add color. I leave the blooms on this bed through winter for the birds and even have some toads that seem to burrow in as it turns to fall,” says Lynice Anderson.

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252882214 1 Corrie Carswell Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Corrie Carswell

Gorgeous Goldfinch and Coneflowers

“Goldfinches and coneflowers are a match made in heaven. Whenever I see a planting of Echinacea, I always hang around for a few minutes. I never have to wait long for a goldfinch to appear!” says Corrie Carswell.

248554740 1 Pam Koch Bnbhc20, pictures of coneflowers
Courtesy Pam Koch

Hummingbird Perching on a Coneflower

“I was taking pictures in my garden in Flagstaff, Arizona, when I saw this hummingbird sitting on an Echinacea bloom. As I watched, he flew back and forth between a nearby sugar water feeder he was defending from other hummingbirds. There, he would sit and survey his territory. I have always taken great pride in creating habitat gardens, so it made me smile to see this hummingbird enjoying it so much,” says Pam Koch.

304883013 1 Emily Schmit Bnb Pc 2022, pictures of coneflowers
Courtesy Emily Schmit

Pollinator Race

“This tiger swallowtail butterfly was being chased by a bee while feeding on a purple coneflower. I captured this photo in my North Dakota garden; It surprised me to learn that bees chase butterflies!” says Emily Schmit.