7 Surprising Facts About Winter Holiday Plants

Get in a festive mood with these facts about your favorite holiday plants.

  1. Over 34 million poinsettias are sold each year. This makes them one of the most popular flowering potted plants in the U.S.
  2. About 36 million Christmas trees are grown in the U.S. each year.
  3. American holly—the cheery evergreen with bountiful red berries—was named the state tree of Delaware in 1939.
  4. Norfolk Island pines make charming tabletop Christmas trees. Most people know the miniature version, but in the wild the pines can reach 200 feet.
  5. Once an amaryllis flowers, each stalk can produce 2 to 6 blooms.
  6. Paperwhites look and smell lovely, but often grow too tall and flop over. Curb their climb by watering with a 5% alcohol solution. They’ll be shorter but just as pretty.
  7. Christmas cacti are attractive but very picky. To get them to bloom, provide them with cool nights (55 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit) and 14 hours of darkness.