18 Indoor Plant Gifts to Brighten Your Day

Updated: Feb. 24, 2023

If you're looking for a unique gift idea that keeps on growing, consider indoor plant gifts. Many require nothing more than a little sun, water, and love.

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costa farms houseplantsVia Amazon

Clean Air 3-Pack

If you’re shopping for someone who loves indoor plant gifts, add a little mystery by selecting this three-in-one deal. You won’t know which plants you’re getting until they arrive, but all of them will be good at purifying the air inside your home or office.

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snake plantVia Merchant

Snake Plant

You’ve probably seen the snake plant on many lists for the best indoor plant gifts and for good reason. A snake plant doesn’t need much attention and will survive if you forget to water it occasionally.

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bamboo palmVia Bloomscape

Bamboo Palm

If a room with a low-light corner could use some love, a bamboo palm is the perfect indoor plant gift. Better yet, it’s non-toxic and a safe choice for homes with pets.

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preserved fern plantVia The Sill

Preserved Fern Kokedama

Want a beautiful hanging plant but none of the commitment? This preserved fern is for the perfect indoor plant gift! It will never require any watering.

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The Cathy plantsVia Urban Stems

The Cathy

Try giving these indoor plant gifts that have a bit of sass! Choose your preferred ceramic pot color and only water it once it’s completely dry.

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peperomia ginny plantVia Merchant

Peperomia Ginny

These fuss-free indoor plants are ready to perk up your living room or any location that has low light. As a bonus, these plants are safe for pets to be around.

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aloe veraVia Walmart

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is truly an indoor plant gift that keeps on giving—it’s been used by many as a relief for burns. Find a sunny windowsill to set it on, because aloe vera prefers lots of sunlight.

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hoya heart plantVia The Sill

Hoya Heart

Let someone special know that you love them with indoor plant gifts that have heart-shaped leaves. This single cutting prefers bright direct light. Learn more about growing hoya plants.

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gardening subscription boxVia Merchant

Indoor Plant Gift Subscription Box

If you have a budding plant parent in your life, gift them a monthly subscription box that includes an easy care indoor plant gift delivered to their home each month.

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PaperwhitesValter Jacinto/Getty Images

Paperwhite Bulbs

Narcissus papyraceus, Zones 8 to 10

The pale, delicate blooms are lovely, but it’s the fragrance that makes paperwhites such a winner among indoor plant gifts. In the darkest days of winter, these couldn’t-be-easier bulbs evoke the scent of spring. After forcing, you have to wait only four to six weeks before you start to see the blooms.

Why we love paperwhites: It doesn’t even need soil to grow. Place bulbs in a shallow dish of stones, with the tops exposed and water just reaching the bottom of the bulb.

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Lemon tree plant giftsAndrew_Mayovskyy/Getty Images

Meyer Lemon Tree

Citrus limon, Zones 9 to 11

Tuck a lemon tree into a sunny corner during the cold months, then move the pot to the patio for summer. Dwarf varieties grow only 4 to 6 feet tall and behave more like a bush than a tree.

Why we love lemon trees: The sweet scent of citrus blossoms can turn a home into a Southern paradise. A dwarf Meyer lemon makes the perfect glass of lemonade, and the plant is suited for pots.

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Orchid in potLeslie Banks/Getty Images


Phalaenopsis spp., Zones 10 to 12

Don’t be intimidated by giving these tropical treasures as indoor plant gifts. Phalaenopsis, also called moth orchid, is both easy to care for and requires little more than a weekly watering, filtered light and protection from drafts.

Why we love orchids: Nothing adds a note of elegant beauty to a home quite like an orchid. The blooms last for weeks and some orchids boast a lovely scent.

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AmaryllisCourtesy John Doyle

Amaryllis Bulbs

Hippeastrum spp., Zones 8 to 10

Big, brilliant amaryllis blooms stand tall on strong stems in a variety of hues, such as white, red, pink and orange. With proper care, the bulbs will flower year after year. For extra flair, seek out types like butterfly amaryllis (H. papilio), which has maroon and white stripes.

Why we love amaryllis: Waxed amaryllis bulb kits are readily available to give as indoor plant gifts during the holiday season and require little effort to produce a striking display in your home.

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African violets plant giftsDifydave/Getty Images

African Violet

Streptocarpus ionanthus, Zones 11 to 12

Although a common indoor plant gift, African violets can be a little fussy. They’re finicky about water, preferring to be consistently moist. Be careful when watering. If you splash cold water on a leaf, it may develop a spot. Once you find the right windowsill and watering schedule (here’s the best time to water plants), this gem rewards you with a burst of color.

Why we love African violets: The flowers come in many shades, including white, pink, maroon and just about every hue of purple.

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Peace lilygavran333/Getty Images

Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum spp., Zones 11 to 12

The broad shining leaves of the peace lily are set off by white bracts that form a hood over tiny off-white flowers. Give this indoor plant bright indirect light for a few hours a day to encourage flowering.

Why we love peace lilies: A peace lily is as low maintenance as it gets for indoor plant gifts. The only thing to be careful of is watering. Keep the soil moist and always pour off excess saucer water.

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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Zones 10 to 12

This succulent with thick leaves thrives in winter in an indoor, low-humidity environment. During this usually dull time, the kalanchoe plant produces masses of tiny florets.

Why we love kalanchoe: The brilliant red, pink, orange or white blooms show up when they’re needed the most and last for months on end. When they are gone, the attractive, shiny foliage makes a nice display on its own.

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Begonia plant giftsCourtesy Gabriel Zimmer


Begonia spp., Zones 8 to 11

These old-fashioned favorites welcome indirect bright light and infrequent watering. They also appreciate some humidity, so set the pot over a pebble-filled saucer of water.

Why we love begonias: With hundreds of species and cultivars, there truly is a begonia for everyone. For interesting foliage, try Angel Wing begonias. If you prefer blossoms, tuberous begonias are the way to go. Any type can be transplanted outside. Here’s how to overwinter begonias as houseplants.

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Red poinsettiaMarcia Straub/Getty Images


Euphorbia pulcherrima, Zones 9 to 11

Beloved Christmas indoor plant gifts, poinsettias show off their holiday colors when nights are long and days are short. Keep the soil moist but not wet, and protect plants from chilly drafts.

Why we love poinsettias: Look for new, delicate white and pink varieties of this familiar holiday gift plant. Jingle Bell Rock has brilliant red leaves with white spots. Psst—here’s how to care for poinsettias after the holidays.

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