Expert Tips for Overwintering Begonias as Houseplants

Updated: Sep. 14, 2022

Begonias are popular annual flowers, but you don't need to stop enjoying them when winter comes. Overwintering begonias is easier than you think.

Overwintering Begonias: What You Need to Know

flowering begonia on window at homeluckat/Getty Images
Overwinter begonias in a pot on a windowsill

“I love my begonias. Do you have some tips for overwintering begonias as houseplants to keep them happy and beautiful through the cold months?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Boni Trombetta of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Garden expert Melinda Myers says, “Keeping begonias healthy when moved indoors for winter is a challenge. The light intensity is lower and days are shorter in most parts of the country. Place the plants near a sunny window but away from cold drafts. Consider adding an artificial light to encourage healthy, more stout growth.

Group plants together or place on pebbles in a saucer filled with water to increase humidity around the plants. Make sure the begonias are elevated above the water to avoid root rot. Give the plants plenty of space for the best light penetration, increased airflow and fewer disease problems.”

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Do Begonias Make Good Houseplants?

begonia houseplantCourtesy Mindy Mench
Begonias are popular flowering houseplants.

“My neighbor gave me this houseplant (above), which seems very durable. It blooms about twice a year. Can you tell me what kind of plant it is?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Mindy Mench of White Cloud, Michigan.

Melinda Myers says, “This is a type of begonia, and you’re right; They make excellent, sturdy houseplants. You can also grow them outdoors in containers or in the garden in partly sunny or shady spots with moist, well-drained soil. If you do want to grow them outside, move them indoors for winter to keep them from year to year.”

What’s Your Favorite Flowering Houseplant?

When it’s cold outside, beautiful winter-blooming flowers help bring some color inside. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their favorite houseplants that flower in winter.

Here are the results:

  • Amaryllis . . . . .50%
  • Begonia . . . . . . .19%
  • Cyclamen . . . . .18%
  • Kalanchoe. . . . .13%

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