8 Gardening Subscription Boxes You’ll Love to Unbox

Ready to try something new? These gardening subscription boxes deliver new seeds, plants, tools and more right to your doorstep.

Are you familiar with the joy of “unboxing”? It’s the feeling you get when a new and highly-anticipated box arrives on your doorstep, and you unpack it to find out what’s inside. The subscription box craze gives everyone the chance to experience the fun of unboxing, with regular deliveries of new items you love. Gardening subscription boxes are a unique way to learn more about gardening or give a special gift to a gardener in your life.

How Gardening Subscription Boxes Work

Subscription boxes are sent out on a regular basis, usually monthly. Once you sign up, you keep receiving new boxes until you cancel your subscription. Some services allow you to skip a box or suspend your subscription for a time, and a few even allow you to return boxes you don’t like. Here are some tips for getting the most out of gardening subscription boxes.

  • Save money by paying for several months at a time. Most services offer a discount when you pay quarterly or annually. If you know you love the box, these savings can be worth the lump sum up front.
  • Know the cancellation policy. All the boxes listed here allow you to cancel at any time, but some may not refund your money if you paid for months ahead. They also usually require you to cancel by a certain time of the month to avoid receiving the next box. Be sure you fully understand how to end your subscription before signing up.
  • Look for deals. Many services offer deals like your first box at a free or discounted price. Sites like CrateJoy offer special sales and deals that may not be available directly on the service’s website, so it pays to shop around a little first.

Ready to give it a try? These 8 gardening subscription boxes offer a variety of options to suit just about any gardening style.

My Garden Box

Each month brings a new gardening project, all plants and supplies included. You also receive tools and other goodies. Past boxes included succulent wreaths and air plant ornaments. You can also choose to receive just a new plant and container each month with their Plant of the Month club. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Monthly

Cost: MY DIY Garden/$38.50, My Monthly Plant/$21.50, (+Shipping)

Bloomin’ Bin

Bloomin’ Bin offers the most variety and customization we’ve seen, and the lowest starting price. Choose to receive just the seeds of the month, or upgrade to bins that include soil and tools. You can also opt for just flowers, just veggies, or a combination of both. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Monthly

Cost: Just Seeds/$5.00, Basic Bin/$18.00, Premium Bin/$28.00 (+Shipping)

My Fairy Crate

Fairy gardeners, rejoice! This subscription box is just for you. You’ll receive a new assortment of miniature garden decorations each month. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Monthly

Cost: $27.99 (Free Shipping)

The Desert Box

Love succulents? So do the folks at Desert Box! Each month or quarter they’ll send you one or two new succulents (depending on your subscription). You’ll also get a container, soil, moss, pebbles, and info on keeping your plant happy. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Monthly or Quarterly

Cost: The Uno/$22.95, The Dos/$28.95 (Free Shipping)


Perhaps the coolest thing about PlowBox is that it customizes your box based on your climate. Choose from Cool, Mild, Warm, Hot, or Tropical, or just opt for an Indoor Greens box instead. These boxes are shipped seasonally, backed by the Seattle Seed Company, and include a wide assortment of seeds, growing instructions and tips, and bonus tools or products. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Every 3 months

Cost: $45 (Free Shipping)

Home Harvest Box

Each monthly box contains seasonally-appropriate plants, seeds, containers, and more. Many focus on organic and eco-friendly products. Past boxes have included a grow-your-own-tea-garden and a microgreens kit. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Monthly

Cost: $45 (Free Shipping)

Urban Sprouts

Like the idea of a new plant each month, but don’t need all the tools or other goodies? Urban Sprouts has three plant-of-the-month subscription options, each of which sends you a new and unique little plant each month. Choose from air plants, succulents, or house plants. Learn more and subscribe here.

Cost: Air Plant/$11.99, Succulent/$9.99, Little Plant/$9.99 (Free Shipping)

Grow and Make

This isn’t solely a gardening box, but past kits have included projects like growing an herb garden or vegetable garden. This box is perfect for those looking to learn new crafts or hobbies, including gardening. Learn more and subscribe here.

Shipped: Monthly

Cost: $29.95 + shipping

Jill Staake
Jill lives in Tampa, Florida, and writes about gardening, butterflies, outdoor projects and birding. When she's not gardening, you'll find her reading, traveling and happily digging her toes into the sand on the beach.