The Best Websites to Order Plants Online

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

If you want to order plants online, check out our favorite online plant retailers. These sources carry everything from annuals and perennials to trees and shrubs.

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This is Tangerine Dream, a coneflower from Great Garden Plants Via Great Garden Plants
Tangerine Dream coneflower from Great Garden Plants

I’m a huge supporter of local nurseries and garden centers. I also like to support my area garden groups and plant sales. But as any plant geek knows, you can’t get all of your needs met in one place. People often ask me for recommendations on where to order plants online. It’s helpful for gardeners to know about the best online plant retailers. I pulled together my list of companies that I’ve personally ordered plants from, so I can definitely vouch for them. I like them for all different reasons, and I hope they help meet some of your needs as well. Because if there’s one thing every gardener needs, it’s more plants!

Great Garden Plants

Most of their plants are in big pots, and they are very healthy. They have many plant options available, but they are especially fantastic for unique coneflower varieties. Also check out the 7 best sources for buying flower bulbs online.

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Bluestone Perennials

I started the garden in the front of my house with one of Bluestone Perennial’s pre-planned gardens. Don’t be afraid to try one of these kits. They are awesome, focusing on plants that are easy and low-maintenance. Then you can fill in as needed. Psst—check out 10 easy-to-grow houseplants all plant parents need.

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Annie’s Annuals

They have great selection of annual plants. I once bought my mother-in-law some unique sunflowers from Annie’s. (It’s not always easy to find plants instead of seeds.) They have some really cool varieties. Check out the plants and gardening supplies we can’t stop buying on Amazon.

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They specialize in fruiting, rare, and tropical plants. I bought my mom a lemon tree from Logee’s one year, and I have my eye on an avocado next. Check them out for unique options when you want to order plants online. Learn how to overwinter tropical plants.

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They are still one of my go-to sources for ordering veggie plants and seeds online. If you’re looking for something specific for your vegetable garden, they probably have it. If you’re new at vegetable gardening, try the top 10 easy-to-grow vegetables.

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Breck’s is well known as a retailer of bulbs, from daffodils to dahlias, but also check out their large selection of perennials and shrubs.

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Butterfly Bushes

They have the best selection of butterfly bushes that I’ve ever seen, and they offer many great varieties of flowering shrubs like viburnum and dogwood. Learn how to care for and prune butterfly bush.

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Terroir Seeds (Underwood Gardens)

The couple that own Terroir Seeds are just delightful. We featured them a couple of years ago because they were one of the only places we could find that carried cucamelon seeds. Cucamelons are these adorable little veggie/fruits like a cross between a cucumber and a tiny little watermelon.

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