4 Ways to Raccoon-Proof Your Bird Feeder

Updated: Jan. 22, 2024

Are raccoons raiding your backyard bird seed offerings? Get expert tips on how to raccoon-proof a bird feeder and keep these critters off for good.

Keep Raccoons Away From Bird Feeders

how to raccoon-proof bird feedersCourtesy Tiffany Wagner
A raccoon raids an oriole feeder to eat grape jelly.

“Baffles are not keeping raccoons away from my feeders. Are there any effective deterrents that won’t harm birds or other wildlife?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Victor Reed of Port Townsend, Washington.

Birding experts Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman say, “Unfortunately, raccoons are smart, strong and agile.” Here are some methods that they recommend to raccoon-proof your bird feeders.

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Try Raccoon Baffles

To keep them off feeders, the baffle must be much larger than the ones designed to deter squirrels. Wrapping a smooth sheet of metal around the pole up to 4 feet high, and placing a wide baffle above that, should stop raccoons from climbing.

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Keep Feeders Away From Trees

RaccoonsKathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography/Getty Images
Make sure raccoons can’t jump onto bird feeders from nearby trees.

After you add baffles to raccoon-proof a bird feeder from the ground, it’s also necessary to place the feeder away from any tall structure or tree that raccoons can jump from.

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Keep Your Bird Feeding Station Clean

To avoid attracting raccoons in the first place, attach a tray under the feeder to stop food from falling, and sweep up any that accumulates on the ground.

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Take Feeders Down Before Dark

Rascally Raccoon by William AneksteinCourtesy William Anekstein
One way to raccoon-proof your bird feeder is to take it down when the animals are most active.

Raccoons tend to be primarily nocturnal (meaning they are more active after dark), so it may help to use detachable or hanging feeders and bring them in at night.

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Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman, official birding experts for Birds & Blooms