Slinky DIY Bird Feeder for Peanuts

Updated: Apr. 24, 2020

A few years ago, a new style of feeder started appearing in wild bird supply stores and catalogs. It’s basically

A few years ago, a new style of feeder started appearing in wild bird supply stores and catalogs. It’s basically a wire spring bent into a wreath shape, which you fill with peanuts for birds and squirrels. Around the same time, I started seeing lots of people pinning it their Pinterest boards, saying things like “Make this feeder with a Slinky and a wire hanger – so easy!” But when I looked around on the web to see if anyone had actually attempted this DIY bird feeder craft, the only examples I could find all looked very, well… inexpertly homemade. I wanted to see if it was possible to create this feeder inexpensively but attractively. And the good news is that it definitely is!

What You Need:

  • Regular-sized metal Slinky (I got mine for $3 in the bargain bins at Target)
  • 12″ metal macrame ring (Available at your local craft store for about $2)
  • 1″ loose-leaf ring (available at office supply stores, about 50 cents)
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Bolt Cutters

What To Do:

  • There are two ways you can start. I believe the feeder is easier to fill later on if you begin by cutting the macrame ring open in one place. To do this, you’ll definitely need bolt cutters, since the ring is very sturdy. If you can’t cut the ring, or don’t want to, skip this step.
  • If you cut the macrame ring open, slide the Slinky around it now. If you chose not to cut the ring, you’ll have to twist the Slinky onto the ring a loop at a time, starting at one end.
  • Pull the Slinky around the ring and hold it closed temporarily with a twist-tie or piece of wire (see top right photo).
  • In order to make the feeder look neat and attractive, you’ll need to attach the Slinky to the ring about every fifth loop or so. Do this by tying the Slinky very firmly with fishing line to the metal ring and trimming the excess. Continue to do this all the way around the Slinky and ring, including the first and last loops.
  • Hold the ring up and see if the Slinky “droops” at all. If so, tie that section to the ring. If not, you’re all set!
  • If you cut the macrame ring open, you’ll now need to hold it closed once it’s filled. Use the 1″ loose-leaf ring by looping it around two or three rings on each side (see lower right photo above).

Fill the feeder with peanuts (in the shell) through the openings at the top, and hang outside for the birds (blue jays are very fond of peanuts) or squirrels. Once my local squirrel found it, he spent the rest of the day emptying the feeder of peanuts one-by-one – and leaving my sunflower feeder alone!

Have you attempted to create this DIY bird feeder by another method, or do you have one of these peanut wreath feeders already? Do you have any tips for others?  Drop by the comments and tell us about it!