The 6 Best Feeding Tips for Autumn Birds

Follow these simple tips to provide food sources for the hungry migrating birds that visit your backyard during autumn.

Autumn birds love to eat suet.DanielLacy/Getty Images
Spotted Towhee reaches from a branch to peck at suet feeder.

Offer High Protein Options to Autumn Birds

“I offer high protein foods like peanuts (both shelled and unshelled), suet, sunflower hearts and thistle seeds,” says Mindy Drexler of Canal Fulton, Ohio. Check out 4 homemade suet recipes for feeding birds.

Provide Fresh Water

“Along with food, provide a water source,” says Judy Roberts of Graytown, Ohio. “Add a heater to your birdbath so it doesn’t freeze.”

Add More Bird Feeders

“I put out extra suet feeders for birds to fill up on during their migration stopovers,” says Christina Lorenzen of North Babylon, New York.

Plant Berry Bushes

“Autumn birds that are ready to migrate are attracted to the berry bushes I have scattered throughout my yard,” says Liza Peniston of Augusta, Kansas. “As a plus, you don’t have to spend money on birdseed!” Learn how to attract waxwings with berries.

Don’t Pick or Mow Flowers

“I let dandelions grow in the fall and winter,” says Linda Taylor of Woodway, Texas. “Goldfinches visit them and eat their tiny thistlelike seeds.”

Stop Raking Leaves

“Leave the leaves!” says Beth Sullivan of Southaven, Mississippi. “Leaf litter provides a home for insects and small animals, and autumn birds are attracted to the bugs and seeds in the piles.”

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