The Best Bluebird Feeders and Feeding Tips

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

Choose a bluebird feeder and follow the best feeding tips from fellow birders to attract more bluebirds to your backyard.

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bluebird feederVia Merchant

Enclosed Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

Bluebirds like nest boxes and feeders out in the open. This bluebird feeder has a roof to offer protection from rain (which slides up for filling), clear sides for viewing, and two cups for mealworms and suet nuggets. Two side entry holes that are the perfect size for songbirds, but too small for starlings.

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CagedbluebirdfeederVia Merchant

Caged Bluebird Feeder

This small caged feeder is designed to keep squirrels and grackles out. We love how easy this feeder is to disassemble and clean.

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domed bluebird feederVia

Domed Bluebird Feeder

This domed bluebird feeder allows you to offer a full pound of mealworms or suet nuggets. The clear dome serves as a baffle to keep squirrels and bully birds like starlings and grackles out. The dish removes for easy cleaning and drainage holes keep food fresh.

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Stokes Bluebird FeederVia

More Birds Hanging Bluebird Feeder

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple, and this blue plastic mealworm dish fits the bill (or beak.) It attaches to your feeder pole with a curved metal hanger. This bird feeder is also a perfect choice for offering grape jelly for orioles.

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bluebird flower feederVia Merchant

Bluebird Flower Feeder

Flower lovers will adore this gorgeous bluebird feeder. The design looks like a blooming blue flower with petals on the side, and a sparkling blue crystal heart adorns the top to catch the sun’s light. If you like this floral design, you can also get it in orange as an oriole feeder.

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Perky-Pet Dried Mealworm Feeder with Flexports

This feeder features flexports, so birds can remove the mealworms without making a mess. And you no longer have to worry about wind blowing away dried mealworms. The top removes for easy filling and cleaning.

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Red Cedar Bluebird FeederVia

Red Cedar Mealworm Bluebird Feeder

This bluebird feeder is handmade out of red cedar wood with small 1 1/2 inch entrance holes to keep bigger birds out. Plexi-glass sides allow you a clear view of the bluebirds, and a hinged top allows for easy access to refill and clean the mealworm dish.

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Bnbbyc18 Perry HoagCourtesy Perry Hoag
Male bluebird feeding mealworms to a fledgling

Bluebird Feeder Tips

“Our bluebirds love suet but struggle on the suet cages, so we have a covered platform feeder where we leave some suet nuggets for them,” says Debby Miller of Middlefield, Ohio.

“Make a distinct noise every time you put out food to condition them to come,” says Karen Mullin of North Augusta, Ontario.

“My bluebirds fly to a certain spot and wait for me to come out with their mealworms. I love it when they begin to bring their baby bluebirds to the buffet!” says Anne Dudley of Stillwater, Minnesota. Learn when bluebirds nest and lay eggs.

Bnbbyc18 Vicky StroupeCourtesy Vicky Stroupe
Juvenile bluebirds on a birdbath

“Bluebirds don’t seem too interested in our food supply, but they sure like to gather at the bird bath! Fresh water keeps them coming back,” says Kristen Clark of Tijeras, New Mexico.

“Offer dried mealworms—it’s easy to provide this source of protein,” says Laurie Dohrmann of Bettendorf, Iowa.

“I offer mine plenty of mealworms in a starling-proof bluebird feeder that’s mounted on a sturdy post with a predator guard,” says Vincent Drexler of Canal Fulton, Ohio.

“I use mealworms in a shallow, flat hanging feeder, and I always place bluebird houses on my deck rungs nearest the mealworms. Bluebirds seem to like that I put the food close to their nests. One season, we were lucky enough to have two broods. My best advice is to clean out the nest after their first brood so they return,” says Kathy Lorigan of Easton, Pennsylvania.

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