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10 Unique Bird Feeders You Can Buy On Etsy

Log cabin feeders, mosaic feeders and more! Feed your favorite feathered friends in style with a unique bird feeder from Etsy.

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Etsy Mosaic FeederVia

Geometric Mosaic Unique Bird Feeder

You’re sure to enjoy the geometric patterns as your favorite backyard visitors flutter around this fly-through-style unique bird feeder. Fill it with your favorite bird seed mix or peanuts.

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Need extra space to feed all your birds? Check out these large-capacity feeders that’ll feed a crowd.

Log Cabin Bird FeederVia Merchant

“Up North” Bird Feeder

Your birds will feel right at home when they visit this cozy log cabin feeder. Feathered friends can dine at either “porch,” and the roof lifts so the feeder can easily be filled and cleaned. Drainage holes are located at the corners.

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Attract more cardinals with the best cardinal bird feeders.

Etsy Unique Art Feeder 2Via Merchant

DIY Lantern Bird Feeder

Spend an afternoon building this prairie-style decorative feeder. It does double duty as a garden light. Once the 3D puzzle is put together, fill a mason jar with birdseed or battery powered string lights to brighten up your yard at night.

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If you want to get a closer look at your backyard birds, give window feeders a try.

Etsy Tree FeederVia Merchant

Woodland Wonder Bird Feeder

Looking right at home in a woodsy backyard, this elegant feeder is sure to turn heads.  The lightweight material makes it a cinch to hang.

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Etsy Hummingbird FeederVia

Vibrant Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds deserve unique feeders, too! This lovely feeder, constructed from hand-blown glass, is sure to invite your flying jewels for a snack. It’s available in green, red, and blue designs.

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Check out even more hummingbird feeders and accessories your birds will love.

Recycled Tire FeederVia

Recycled Tire Feeder

This round tray feeder repurposes an old car tire to look like a brightly colored flower. It hangs from a set of three chains, which are included with the product. If you’d rather have a different color, there are plenty available; offerings include green and gold, teal and lime, blue and white, and red and white.

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Bring in goldfinches and chickadees galore with these sunflower seed feeders.

unique bird feedersVia Merchant

Personalized Backyard Swing Feeder

Invite your backyard birds to sit a spell with this too-sweet feeder modeled after a backyard porch swing. The writing is personalized — perfect for adding loved ones’ names.

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Etsy Unique Art FeederVia

Artsy Modern Marvel Feeder

Add flair to your landscape with this artistic turquoise and bronze feeder. A mesh feeding tray keeps seeds fresh longer. As a bonus, you could skewer orange halves on those metal perches to attract orioles.

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Keep your woodpeckers and winter birds happy by putting up suet feeders.

mason jar wooden bird feederVia Merchant

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Bring a sense of whimsy to the landscape with this cute, handmade mason jar feeder. Choose from three colors: barn red, brown or blue.

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Bluebird Bird FeederVia

Whimsical Bluebirds Feeder

Bluebird fans will be all aflutter over this stone feeder. It features pretty stones set in white concrete, and the “branches” in the design are real. Best of all, a sweet hand-painted bluebird perches on both sides. For cardinal lovers, the seller also makes a design with the beloved redbird.

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Need a place to hang your feeders? Check out the best bird feeder poles.

Squirrel Arcade FeederVia

BONUS: Arcade Squirrel Feeder

Keep squirrels away from your bird feeders by offering them a place of their own to snack… and game! This ultra-adorable feeder looks just like it belongs at an old arcade. It comes in two sizes; the seller says the smaller one best suits chipmunks and small squirrels, while the large works best for the “husky” variety.

Psst—not keen on feeding the squirrels, but still like the design? The seller says birds will use the feeder, too.

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