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14 Adorable Bird Stickers You Can Buy On Etsy

From cardinals and bluebirds to owls and hawks, these cute bird stickers are perfect for journals, laptop cases, water bottles and more.

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Backyard Bird Stickers Set

These sweet backyard bird stickers will liven up any journal, water bottle or laptop case. They come as a set of twelve stickers and include favorites like an eastern bluebird, a nuthatch, a cedar waxwing and a wren. Check out the best bird cards you can buy.

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“Bird Nerd” Sticker

Show the world you’re a bird nerd with this hilarious bird sticker. It features an American robin dressed up and ready for a day in the woods, complete with a hat and binoculars.

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Berries and Bird Stickers

These bird stickers are too cute! Choose from a northern cardinal, a black-capped chickadee or a tufted titmouse, all drawn in whimsical style and posed with berries. They’d look adorable on a birdwatching journal!

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Colorful Bird Stickers

This five-pack of stickers includes a variety of birds including a great blue heron, a barn owl and a California quail. Available in three different sizes, the seller also allows for the order to be customized with different combinations of the birds offered. Feather your nest with these bird home decor items.

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Cardinal Bird Sticker

This sticker references the commonly held belief that cardinals are signs of a lost loved one’s presence. It bears the familiar saying, “Cardinals appear when angels are near.” Psst—love redbirds? Then you’ll love this collection of cardinal gifts.

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Corvid Pals Sticker

Have you befriended your neighborhood murder of crows? Then you definitely need to add this cute sticker to your laptop, notebook or water bottle.

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‘Whoo’ Is The Best Sticker?

This majestic sticker allows you to express your love for great horned owls in style. It features a gorgeous detailed great horned owl design, which was turned into a sticker from an original painting by the seller.

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Adorable Owl Sticker

If you’d rather choose a slightly smaller owl design to decorate with, this eastern screech owl sticker is just too cute! We love the realistic detail on this little owl. The vinyl sticker measures 3.75 inches high and 2.5 inches wide. This seller also offers stickers for other types of owls, including saw whet owls, short eared owls, burrowing owls and barn owls, as well as hawks, falcons and songbirds. Check out unique owl gifts we can’t resist.

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Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Sticker

This sticker is sweeter than sugar water! Everyone loves ruby-throated hummingbirds, and now you can carry one with you with this smile-worthy sticker. Sizes up to 24 inches are available.

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Feeder Favorites Bird Stickers

If you don’t need a huge sticker set but would still like your favorite birds to “stick” with you, this pack of four stickers has you covered. The seller offers three different sets: backyard birds (pictured above) as well as two different “birds of prey” sets that include hawks and falcons.

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Your backyard birds will love these unique bird feeders from Etsy.

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Bluebird Sticker

Invite a beautiful bluebird of happiness into your home with this utterly adorable (and waterproof and weatherproof) bluebird sticker.

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Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks Sticker

This Etsy seller offers watercolor sticker designs featuring dozens of bird species, from warblers to wood ducks, including this adorable male and female pair of rose-breasted grosbeaks. Three sizes are available.

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Rainbow Crow Sticker

Corvids are some of the smartest birds on the planet, and you can show your appreciation for them with this unique sticker. Holographic, it shines with all the colors of the rainbow when placed under light.

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Pileated Woodpecker Sticker

This creatively drawn pileated woodpecker is perfectly perched on a tree. Available in two sizes, this sticker is great for fans of the unusual-looking (and very shy!) bird.

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