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Our Top 10 Favorite Sports Team Bird Mascots

Cheer for these professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams with bird mascots!

cardinalCourtesy Sheila Babin


If you love Northern cardinals, you’re in luck. Two professional sports teams, the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL and the St. Louis Cardinals in the MLB, feature these beloved red birds as their mascot. Check out 6 proven ways to attract cardinals.

blue jayCourtesy Lorraine Lynch

Blue Jays

Toronto’s professional baseball team is named the Blue Jays. These bold and colorful backyard birds love to eat peanuts. Blue jays are also one of the smartest bird species in America.

baltimore orioles on a jelly feederCourtesy Suntesha Wustrack


It seems fitting that Baltimore’s professional baseball team is named for Baltimore orioles. These vibrant orange birds flock to feeders in spring to eat oranges and grape jelly. Learn how to attract orioles.

ravenCourtesy Valeri Maisch


Baltimore’s professional football team is called the Ravens. Notably, writer Edgar Allen Poe once lived (and died) in Baltimore. Learn 8 surprising facts about ravens.

American white pelicanCourtesy Veronica McAvoy


If you’re a basketball fan, root for the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA. Louisiana is nicknamed “The Pelican State.” Can you guess the official state bird of all 50 states?

American kestrelCourtesy Carol Spry


If you like professional football and birds of prey, the Atlanta Falcons are the team for you. One fascinating fact is that peregrine falcons are the fastest birds on Earth.

bald eagleCourtesy Andrew Lockwood


It makes perfect sense that our national bird lends its name to Philadelphia’s football team. The city is full of historic sites where you can learn about our Founding Fathers, such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Meet Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, the two eagles of North America.

Cooper's hawkCourtesy Charlene Denise Maples


Atlanta’s professional basketball team is the Hawks, though we’re not sure if fans prefer Cooper’s hawks or sharp-shinned hawks. Discover top hawk watching tips and hotspots.

mallard duckCourtesy Ken Cheung


Support the Anaheim Ducks, a bird-themed hockey team based in California, if you’re a birdwatcher who loves waterfowl. Check out 7 types of ducks you should know.

penguinsCourtesy Lynn Ronan


Though penguins are most certainly not backyard birds, we adore them anyway. So we had to add the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team to this list. Discover 12 birds you can only see in one place on Earth.

Lori Vanover
Lori Vanover is the senior digital editor for Birds & Blooms. She has a bachelor's degree in agricultural and environmental communications from the University of Illinois. Lori enjoys growing vegetables and flowers for pollinators in her backyard gardens. She also is an avid bird-watcher.

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