The Best Sites for Viewing Arizona Hummingbird Species

August is the best time of year to observe hummingbird species in southeast Arizona. Learn the best places to see Arizona hummingbirds.

When I think of seeing lots of hummingbird species in the United States, the first place that comes to mind is southeast Arizona. This area of the country gets more diversity of hummingbirds than anywhere else in the country, and the number of individual birds is quite impressive as well. While on a week-long trip to the area a few years ago, I had 14 hummingbird species! While that might not be as many as I would get in Central or South America, there’s no where else in the U.S. that I could have found that many in just a week. Learn about the hummingbirds of Costa Rica.

While there are hummingbirds around all year, the best time to visit is during August when many migrants are moving though the area. This leads to the greatest number of birds and most variety! These are my favorite places in southeast Arizona to watch hummingbirds.

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Best Places to See Arizona Hummingbirds

The Best Sites for Viewing Hummingbird Species in Southeast ArizonaRob Ripma
The black-chinned hummingbird is one of the most common hummingbird species in southeast Arizona.

The Paton Center for Hummingbirds

The name says it all! This place is dedicated to hummingbirds, and you will never be disappointed with a stop here. The property was recently bought by Tucson Audubon Society when the family that had been feeding the birds for years put the house up for sale. Now, birders and hummingbird lovers will be able to enjoy this property for years to come!

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Santa Rita Lodge

The Santa Rita Lodge attracts many hummingbirds and is very close to other great birding options in Madera Canyon. Explore the beauty and history of Verde Valley, Arizona.

Miller Canyon / Beatty’s Guest Ranch

Beatty’s Guest Ranch is the best place in southeast Arizona to find white-eared hummingbirds. In addition to this species, the diversity at this feeding station is always incredible. Check out the best botanical gardens for bird-watching.

The Best Sites for Viewing Hummingbird Species in Southeast ArizonaRob Ripma
White-eared hummingbirds can be hard to come by but they are beautiful birds!

Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary

If you’d like to see a lucifer hummingbird, the Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary is the place to be. You can also enjoy many other hummingbird species and a variety of other birds at all of the feeders here.

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