These Are Taylor Swift’s Favorite Flowers (and How to Grow Them)

Updated: Oct. 11, 2023

Whether you're a "Swiftie" or just a gardener looking for inspiration, Taylor Swift's favorite flowers will be music to your ears.

Does Taylor Swift Have a Favorite Flower?

These days, it seems like just about everyone is a Taylor Swift fan—also known as a “Swiftie.” After all, there’s good reason millions of people registered for the infamous presales for the Eras Tour! With her catchy choruses, relatable lyrics, and an eternal flurry of speculation about her love life, Taylor Swift has become a pop culture obsession for much of America and the world. Which leads gardeners to wonder…how does Taylor feel about flowers?

From lyrics alone, you’d probably assume roses are her favorite. They come up again and again in hits such as “Blank Space” (rose garden filled with thorns), “Back to December” (you gave me roses/And I left them there to die), or even daisies (once was poison ivy/But now I’m your daisy). As it turns out, the beloved pop star does have a favorite flower: two, in fact! To grow a garden like a true Swiftie, consider adding Taylor’s favorites—orchids and hydrangeas—to your plant collection.

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How to Grow Hydrangeas

Close Up Of Hydrangeas With Hundreds Of Flowers Blooming All The HillsHUYTHOAI/GETTY IMAGES

If you have some “blank space” in your garden that needs to be filled, look no further than our hydrangea growing tips. Usually requiring part sun, these flowers need fertile, well-drained soil to look their best. They require a decent amount of watering two to three times during the week. The great thing about hydrangeas is that there are many of different varieties to choose from; there’s a hydrangea bush to suit every garden!

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How to Grow Orchids

Orchid plant giftsLeslie Banks/Getty Images

Depending on the species, orchids can be either a great houseplant for a beginning gardener or a welcome challenge for an expert. Beginners can buy easy-grow varieties from garden centers or online, while more experienced gardeners can go to plant shows or even specialty nurseries. One of the most popular orchids to grow is the phalaenopsis.

A common mistake when growing orchids is overwatering them. These plants need their roots to breathe. If the roots sit in water for extended periods of time, it’s detrimental to the plant. They require temperatures above 50 degrees F to grow their best, as well as filtered (not direct) sunlight.

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