20 Pretty Pictures of Roses From Home Gardeners

Updated: Aug. 24, 2023

Growing roses can be a labor of love, but the beautiful blooms are worth the effort. Gardeners share their favorite pictures of roses.

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I Love Roses. I Took This Picture Right After A Summer Rain.
Courtesy Teresa Cipperly

Raindrops on Roses

“I took these pictures of roses right after a summer rain,” says Birds & Blooms reader Teresa Cipperly. “I love these flowers.”

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253356239 1 Dan Davidson Sr Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Dan Davidson Sr

Yellow Glow

“I photographed this Jackson-Perkins yellow rose in our garden in the summer. Breathtaking beauty on a rainy day,” says Dan Davidson Sr. of Woodbridge, Virginia.

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Bnbbyc16 Diane Howe 001
Courtesy Diane Howe

Pretty Pink Rosebud

“This is a pink rose that opened on a bright sunny day, with another bud. This photo was taken in my backyard. Not a huge rose, but just as beautiful as it could be. It caught my eye!” says Diane Howe.

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pictures of roses
Courtesy Janet Stangel

White Rose Pictures

“My mother has the most amazing garden. She hasn’t won any prizes, entered any contests or been published in a magazine. She gardens for the sheer enjoyment. It seems as much as she loves her flowers, they love her just as much,” says Janet Stangel.

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252429563 1 Lisa Watkins Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Lisa Watkins

Breathtaking Beauty

“This rose is from my mom’s backyard in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Every spring we wait for the perfect moment to capture its beauty. We love the variation of color. I live across the street from my mom so I am in her yard quite a bit to photograph this beauty! It always blooms around Mother’s Day, which makes it perfect!” says Lisa Watkins.

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june birth flower gift guide
Courtesy Janice Dieckow

Cherry Parfait Rose

“This is a Cherry Parfait rose bush. I think this is the most beautiful rose I have every seen. I was lucky enough to capture it when the sun was not in the way to ruin my picture. I’m a beginning gardener but I appreciate the information in my Birds & Blooms magazine,” says Janice Dieckow.

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june birth flower gift guide, rose
Courtesy Mary Lou Jubin

Pictures of Red Roses

“I enjoy taking photos in my garden after a gentle summer shower. While strolling through my garden I photographed this beautiful rose with sparkling raindrops. The beauty of this rose made my heart sing!” says Mary Lou Jubin.

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Peace Rose From Our Garden
Courtesy Suzanne Alexander

Peaceful Garden Scene

Suzanne Alexander shared this gorgeous photo of a Peace rose from her garden.

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275176895 1 Lisa Watkins Bnb Byc 2021
Courtesy Lisa Watkins

Fragrant Rose

“This photo of a very large bloom on a rosebush in my mom’s yard is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. The coloring of this rose is so magnificent. We are not sure of the variety, but I love the delicate layers from the petals and the aroma is so sweet,” says Lisa Watkins.

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roses send flowers
Courtesy Yvonne Grant

Three Generations

“My love for blooms came from my great-grandparents, my granny, and my mom. Granny was the best and I will always miss her. Her flower gardens were always full and lush and she passed down a little bit of her green thumb to me. The three roses remind of the three generations. Roses will bloom wherever there is love,” says Yvonne Grant.

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mourning dove lifespan
Courtesy Braxton Landsman

Mourning Dove and Roses

“I took this photo in my yard in Orange County California. The mourning doves visit my feeders daily. I caught this particular bird with a beautiful rose in bloom. This bird is used to me and allows me to observe it daily at very close range,” says Braxton Landsman.

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253992648 1 Denise Moore Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Denise Moore

Sunset Colors

This beautiful pink and orange rose is from our own rose bed in Seneca Falls, New York,” says Denise Moore.

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252267814 1 Nancy Camerer Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Nancy Camerer

Memorial Rose Garden

“I watched patiently when the bud of this Peace rose opened one sunny morning in June in my front yard memorial garden. My coworkers presented me with two rose bushes after my brother passed away. This photo is special to me because the spectacular beauty lives on in his memory,” says Nancy Camerer.

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252626777 1 Kristin Kelly Bnb Bypc2020

Pictures of Roses and Mockingbirds

“This lovely northern mockingbird family landed in our rose bush mid-spring in Virginia, positioned just below a mulberry tree abundantly offering ripe berries. The cautious mother repeatedly plucked the fresh fruit off the tree and delivered them to her patient offspring. The intimate scene was both precious and beautiful,” says Kristin Kelly.

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251313015 1 Linda Chapman Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Linda Chapman

Mr. Lincoln Rose

“I took this picture of my husband’s Mr. Lincoln rose late last summer. It was so beautiful framed in the middle of the white blossoms,” says Linda Chapman.

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rose pictures
Courtesy Theresa St. John

Rose Garden Pictures

“In late summer, I went to our local public garden and took rose pictures right after the early morning shower had stopped,” says Theresa St. John.

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rose pictures
Courtesy Dale Balavitch

Monarch on Roses

“My great-grandson and I were releasing the monarch that hatched from the caterpillar I found. That summer, my Knock Out Roses were spectacular. The butterfly hung out all that evening, but was gone in the morning,” says Dale Balavitch.

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252778726 1 Dee Leggett Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Dee Leggett

Spectrum of Colors

“My friend invited me to come enjoy and take beautiful pictures of her roses. The texture of the petals and the mixture of colors was so striking,” says Dee Leggett.

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Bnbbyc17 Debby Pueschel 1
Courtesy Debby Pueschel

Swallowtail in the Rose Garden

“The white rose was a beautiful background for this huge swallowtail butterfly. I was outside taking pictures of roses when I saw this magical insect!” says Debby Pueschel.

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rose pictures
Courtesy Alex Fagan

Coral Rose

“It’s late August here in the upstate of South Carolina, and my wife’s coral roses add the most beautiful color to our peaceful backyard. I like this photo as it not only captures that beauty but also a sneaky little bug that floated its way into the shot as well,” says Alex Fagan.