Top 10 Prettiest Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties to Grow

Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

Hybrid tea rose bushes are some of the most popular varieties for their fragrant, showy flowers. Try these classic beauties for your garden.

Peace Rose From Our Garden
Courtesy Suzanne Alexander

Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

Zones 4 to 9

French horticulturist Francis Meilland developed the Peace rose and sent cuttings to friends around the world as the Germans invaded France. The Peace rose was given its name when peace was declared on VE Day in 1945. It has since become a garden classic. This hybrid tea rose can grow 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Look for large yellow blooms with a blush of pink.

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mister lincoln rose
Via David Austin Roses

Mister Lincoln

Zones 5 to 10

All hybrid tea roses are susceptible to diseases, but Mister Lincoln is more resistant than most. This classic deep red rose has an intoxicating fragrance that more than makes up for ratty foliage later in the growing season. Mister Lincoln roses look beautiful in the garden or in a vase.

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Tahitian Sunset rose
Botanic World/Alamy Stock Photo

Tahitian Sunset

Zones 6 to 9

This award-winning hybrid tea rose features licorice-scented, multicolored blooms in a mix of yellow, apricot and pink that become more intensely colored in full sun. Tahitian Sunset grows up to 5 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. Additional benefits include lush, healthy foliage and good blackspot resistance. Deadhead spent blooms for a continuous flower show all season long.

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Rosa veterans honor
Hanna Yohanna/Getty Images

Veteran’s Honor

Zones 5 to 10

This vibrant red hybrid tea rose is ideal choice for a patriotic display or a memorial garden to honor those who have served. Veterans’ Honor blooms from late spring to late fall. The long lasting cut flowers have a sweet raspberry fragrance.

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john f kennedy rose
Via Jackson & Perkins

John F. Kennedy

Zones 7 to 10

If you’re looking for a pure white rose that can handle summer heat in southern growing zones, this is the variety for you. Dark green foliage helps the elegant blooms stand out in your garden. When cut for a vase, the blooms’ strong fragrance will fill your home.

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double delight rose
Via David Austin Roses

Double Delight

Zones 5 to 9

Can’t choose between red roses and white roses? Get the best of both worlds with Double Delight! This striking hybrid tea rose is disease resistant and the blooms have a delightful sweet and spicy fragrance. Its small size (4 feet high and 3 feet wide) makes it a good choice for growing in containers.

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olympiad hybrid tea rose
Via Jackson & Perkins


Zones 5 to 10

Olympiad is a garden champion that won All-American Rose Selections honors in 1984 and was selected as the official rose of the Olympics in Los Angeles.. This disease-resistant dynamo can handle almost anything. These classic red roses are cold hardy, heat tolerant and low maintenance.

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'just Joey' hybrid tea Rose, types of roses
David Austin Roses
 ‘Just Joey’ hybrid tea rose

Just Joey

Zones 7 to 10

If you’re looking for a colorful alternative to red roses, try Just Joey. You’ll love the pretty peachy blooms with wavy shaped petals. Cut a few to bring inside so you can enjoy their pleasing fragrance.

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neil diamond hybrid tea rose
Courtesy Diana Buist

Neil Diamond

Zones 5 to 9

This eye-catching rose is truly one of a kind. The boldly patterned dark pink and white petals and disease-resistance mean this rose will stand out as a rock star in your flower garden. We can’t stop staring at those stunning speckles and stripes!

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rio samba hybrid tea rose
Via Jackson & Perkins

Rio Samba

Zones 7 to 10

Plant Rio Samba in full sun and every day will feel like a festive garden party. The vibrant, sunset colored blooms are looking hot, hot, hot! As a bonus, these tea roses gain rave reviews from home gardeners for their resilience, similar to the benefits of Knock Out Roses.

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