Flower Gardening

Freshen up your flower garden with these expert recommendations, tips and ideas that can make any yard look like a million bucks.

Focus on Natives: Carolina Aster

Late-blooming asters are a favorite of many gardeners. One native aster is perfectly suited for the wildlife garden: Carolina aster.

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Focus on Natives: Georgia Calamint

Georgia Calamint (Calamintha georgiana) is a wildflower native to the southeast. Most of the year, it’s a small shrub covered

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Bright, Colorful Bougainvillea

When people picture the tropics, the beautiful bright, pink colors of Bougainvillea often comes to mind. Thankfully, you don’t have

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Focus on Natives: Indian Blanketflower

Budget gardeners looking for a terrific pop of color in their gardens from spring through fall (and nearly year-round in

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Flowering Plants For Full Sun

Do you have an area in your garden where the sun just beats down relentlessly, making it hard for your

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Lenten Rose

There is nothing that captures my heart more than a plant with a long history behind it.  The Lenten Rose