Flower Gardening

Freshen up your flower garden with these expert recommendations, tips and ideas that can make any yard look like a million bucks.

The Many Colors of a Tuscan Sun Rose

Disease-resistant and free-flowering, Tuscan Sun Rose blooms offer a variety of colors on one bush.

9 Steps to Growing a Greener Backyard

Adopt earth-friendly habits and your yard (and wallet) will thank you.

7 Plants with the Weirdest Names

Plants have some of the zaniest names around. How many do you know?

Five Fascinating Poinsettia Facts

Impress the folks around your Christmas dinner table this year when you share these poinsettia facts.

Musical Notes Clerodendrum

Add some harmony to your gardens with Musical Notes Clerodendrum, a tropical plant that can be grown indoors and out.

Ohia Lehua, a Legendary Plant of Hawaii

Sacred to Pele, colonizer of lava flows, and backed by a beautiful legend of lovers, Ohia Lehua is one of...

Angelonia, or Summer Snapdragon

Bees love the little flowers of Angelonia, sometimes called Summer Snapdragon, an easy-care annual for flower gardens and containers.

Rosinweeds in the Wildflower Garden

Attract bees and butterflies by growing native rosinweeds in your garden or wildflower meadow.

Malaysian Orchid (Medinilla myriantha)

A large tropical plant with orchid-like tendencies, Malaysian Orchid makes a great houseplant with proper care.

Queen Lily Ginger (Curcuma petiolata)

Grow long-blooming Queen Lily Ginger outdoors in warmer climates or in containers further north.

Add a Green Rose to Your Garden (Really!)

Love growing roses? Give your rose garden something unique by adding the Green Rose ‘Viridiflora’.

Plant Blackberry Lily in the Flower Garden

The little orange spotted blooms of blackberry lily add a welcome splash of color to the flower garden.

Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Iris is native to the southeast U.S. and thrives in wet locations.

Try Bath’s Pink Dianthus for Fragrant Flowers

This dianthus variety has beautiful silvery green foliage topped with delicate fragrant flowers in the spring.

Spring Flowers in a Carnivorous Plants Bog

The spring flowers of carnivorous plants like Venus Flytraps and Sundews are lovely in their own right.

Signs of Spring: Crocus and Hellebore

Crocus and Hellebore are two of the first plants to bloom each spring. Learn how and where to grow them.

Add Fragrant Stock to Your Flower Garden

Welcome the scent of spicy stock to your cool season flower garden.

Garden Pansies

Available in a variety of colors, garden pansies are perfect in any cool-season flower bed.

Growing Heliconias Indoors and Out

Bring a touch of the tropics to your home by growing heliconias indoors all year round.

Attract Butterflies with Late Blooming Asters

Late-blooming asters will attract butterflies to your garden throughout the end of summer and into fall.

Add Obedient Plant to Your Flower Garden

This unique native wildflower draws hummingbirds and pollinators like bees to the flower garden.

How to Revive Potted Plants

It’s the second half of summer and things in your container garden might be looking, well, not so great. Find...

Growing Carnivorous Plants: Pitcher Plants

Growing carnivorous plants isn't for everyone, but if you can provide the right conditions, pitcher plants are fascinating and fun.

Growing Carnivorous Plants: Sundews

Interested in growing carnivorous plants? Skip the Venus Flytraps at first and start with something easier like sundews.

Gardening With Color

Gardens are the essence of color. Plant the right hues to create a warm and inviting backyard space.

Top 10 New Plants for 2015

These brand-new plants received top honors from the All-America Selections judges.

Gomphrena in the Flower Garden

Gomphrena, also called Globe Amaranth, is an easy-to-grow annual for any flower garden and make a great addition to dried...