7 Types of Hummingbirds to Look for in Oregon

If you live in Oregon, hummingbirds will be frequent visits to your backyard. Here's the types hummingbirds you might spot at feeders and flowers.

oregon hummingbirds
Courtesy Julie Parsons

Anna’s Hummingbird

These hardy hummers may stick around Oregon year-round, even in winter. To identify these Oregon hummingbirds, look for their bright pink head and neck feathers. Birds & Blooms reader Julie Parsons spotted this male Anna’s hummingbird (above) during spring in Amity, Oregon.

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Courtesy Randal Frison

Black-Chinned Hummingbird

These hummingbirds breed in Oregon at low elevations. Look for them to arrive in spring and stick around through the summer months.

“I dubbed this male black-chinned hummingbird ‘Guardian of the Garden.’ Every year the cherry tree is filled with robins, taking more than half of the cherries. This year I hung a hummingbird feeder in the cherry tree. The little bird (above) is so defensive of his feeder; if a robin goes near the tree he is instantly run off,” says Randal Frison.

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oregon hummingbirds
Courtesy Albert Russell

Calliope Hummingbird

You’ll have to look very closely to spot the smallest hummingbird found in the United States. Calliope hummingbirds visit Oregon’s mountain habitats during breeding season.

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Bnbhc18 Johnny Bliznak 9
Courtesy Johnny Bliznak

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

Mostly a Rocky Mountain resident, broad-tailed hummingbirds are uncommon in Oregon, but do semi-regularly stray into the southeastern tip of the state during the summer breeding season. They somewhat resemble ruby-throated hummingbirds but their ranges do not overlap.

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249886527 1 Ashley Maris Bnb Bypc2020
Courtesy Ashley Maris

Rufous Hummingbird

These orange colored fliers are the most widespread hummingbirds in Oregon. Birders can find them throughout the whole state.

“I love the feisty, quick, and bright rufous hummingbirds, and this is why I was delighted to capture a photo of this one mid-wave. He looks as though he’s pointing the way to the feeder or waving hello! I took this photo in Grants Pass, Oregon,” says Ashley Maris.

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246731421 1 Patricia Klukkert Bnbhc20
Courtesy Patricia Klukkert

Allen’s Hummingbird

If you can’t see the ocean or the beach nearby, you have a pretty slim chance of seeing these Oregon hummingbirds. Allen’s hummers breed along the Pacific coast, including in southern Oregon. Look closely because these tiny fliers are often confused with rufous hummingbirds.

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