The Best Finch Feeders to Serve Thistle Seed

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

Fill a finch feeder with nyjer thistle seed to attract goldfinches. Add the best finch feeders to your yard to see flocks of finches visit.

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When I ask talk to new backyard birders, almost all of them say they want to attract goldfinches. Picking the correct bird feeder and birdseed can determine whether you’ll be seeing finches or not. Finches like to eat nyjer thistle seed. If you are curious about which finches are visiting your thistle feeders, read about the three kinds of goldfinches found in the United States and learn the difference between house finches and purple finches. Here are the best finch feeders to buy.

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Glass Mason Jar Finch Feeder

Pick a charming glass thistle feeder that’s perfect for appeasing a bounty of visiting finches. Each one is handmade with an individual look. Check out the best-selling bird feeders of 2022.

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Triple Tube Finch Feeder

Draw in a crowd of finches with this triple tube thistle feeder. It holds up to 3 pounds of seed, so birds will have plenty to enjoy. This is the most common type of finch feeder, and it will be very popular with the finches if it is cared for properly. Since the tube can trap water, and water can cause the seed to mold, you should clean this feeder frequently.

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Psst—we found even more large capacity bird feeders.

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Finch Feeder With Flexports

You won’t have to worry about thistle getting wet or spilling with this finch tube feeder—it features a flexible port design that allows birds to grab exactly what they need. Learn how to get rid of grackles and blackbirds at feeders.

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Yellow Finch Tube Feeder

Add some sunshine to your landscape by hanging this mesh tube feeder, which holds 2 pounds of seed. You typically don’t see the same amount of issues with wet seed as you do in a solid tube feeder. Air can move through the feeder and dry the seed if it gets wet. Smaller birds like goldfinches like to cling to the metal mesh surface to feed. Plus, it’s a deterrent to squirrels that love to chew on everything.

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Sock Finch Feeder

Sock feeders are simple and inexpensive. Typically the finches love them. Birds just cling right to them to feed. Since they are just made of fabric, these feeders do wear out quickly. They can be washed but be sure to replace them when they begin to look especially dirty or torn. Want to attract redbirds? Don’t miss the best cardinal bird feeders and birdseed.

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Stokes Select Sedona Screen Bird Feeder

This mesh feeder features a removable top and bottom for effortless cleaning, metal perches, a wide roof, and holes on the bottom of the tray to help rainwater drain out. Metal mesh thistle feeders are similar to sock feeders but are much more durable. Like seeing birds close-up? Try a window bird feeder.

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