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11 Best Birdbaths to Attract Birds

Attract more birds by adding a birdbath, fountain or solar water feature to your backyard.

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Metal peacock birdbathVIA WIND & WEATHER

Metal Peacock Birdbath

Add a birdbath to your outdoor space that's equal parts art and attractive to birds. This metal peacock birdbath ($80) fits the bill. Fill the glass bowl on the peacock's back with water to create a hangout for backyard birds. The glass bowl comes off for easy cleaning.

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Four-tier solar fountainVIA TARGET

Solar Fountain Cascading Birdbath

Create a relaxing oasis—for yourself and your favorite backyard birds! This solar-powered fountain ($119) will attract birds with its gentle sound that resembles a babbling brook. Running on solar power, the fountain charges during the day and automatically starts up at dusk. Check out more ways to attract birds to a small backyard.

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Glass Solar Fountain

This eye-catching solar birdbath ($150) will make a statement in any backyard, grabbing the attention of birds and passersby. A hidden solar panel charges the the LED lights throughout the day. Dusk brings this dazzling birdbath to life.

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Pedestal birdbathVIA AMAZON

Classic Pedestal Birdbath

Made of durable resin, this classic pedestal style birdbath ($40) will withstand all types of weather to attract birds year-round. The shallow basin is ideal for songbirds. Check out these perfect gardening gifts for Father’s Day.

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Hanging birdbathVIA AMAZON

Colorful Hanging Birdbath

A hanging glass birdbath that's as much garden decor as it is a birdbath! This hanging birdbath ($32) is a breeze to refill and clean, and it's easy to hang from a tree branch or shepherd's hook. Bonus! Use it as a bird feeder if you prefer.

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Crackle Glass BirdbathVIA GARDENER'S SUPPLY

Crackle Glass Birdbath

Place this vibrant crackle glass birdbath ($85-$115) among your flowerbeds for an extra pop of color! A 14-inch hand-blown glass basin offers birds a safe space to drink and bathe.

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Leaf Birdbath

Nestle this leaf birdbath ($60) on the ground within your flowerbeds. Ground-dwelling birds like sparrows and juncos will appreciate the easy access to water. It holds 4 cups of water, features a shallow basin and it's known to attract goldfinches. Want to make your own? Check out this DIY Leaf Bird Bath project.

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Moose birdbathVIA PLOW & HEARTH

Moose Birdbath

This resin moose birdbath ($150) will add rustic charm and a touch of whimsy to your yard. It's unique yet functional, offering plenty of perching spots for birds. Made of weather-resistant resin, this 2-foot moose birdbath will attract birds with water year-round. Here's how to turn a birdbath into a mini garden.

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Sunflower fountain birdbathVIA TARGET

Sunflower Birdbath Fountain

This solar glass birdbath ($102) comes with an easy-to-install pump that circulates water from a hidden reservoir. It'll automatically turn off when the sun goes down. During the day, the moving water will attract hummingbirds.

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Solar fountain kitVIA AMAZON

Solar Fountain Pump Kit

Already have a birdbath? No problem. This solar pump kit ($28) will turn your current birdbath into a fountain that is sure to attract even more birds. Placing it in full sun will make the fountain stronger.