Attracting Birds

Learn how to attract birds to your backyard with these expert tips on plants and trees that attract birds, bird nesting and feeding birds.

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Ask the Bird Experts: What Do Bluebirds Eat in Winter?

What foods do bluebirds eat in cold weather during winter? Do all bluebirds migrate? Our bird experts answer your questions.

When Should I Clean Out My Birdhouses?

Our bird experts recommend that you should clean out birdhouses in winter and the best winter insulation for roosting birds.

Can You Move a Bird Nest?

Birds have a habit of building nests in inconvenient places. Find out when and how you can move a bird...

How to Get Kids Excited About Birding

Give your favorite kids an adventure in their own backyard.

How to Attract Birds to a Small Backyard

Turn your small-space backyard into a haven for feathered friends.

What to Do If You Find a Nestling or Fledgling

This is the time of year when we get many questions about what to do when nestling or fledgling is...

Feed Grape Jelly to Orioles and Tanagers

Go beyond birdseed and mix up your backyard menu with grape jelly. Fruit-eating birds like orioles, catbirds and tanagers love...

9 Nutty Facts About Peanuts and How to Grow Them

Peanuts aren't nuts at all! Here's how to grow these tasty snacks that are actually legumes.

Attract Northern Mockingbirds to Your Backyard

Keep your eyes and ears open for this talkative songbird.

5 Ways to Create a Bird-Safe Backyard

Keep your feathered friends healthy with clean feeders, fresh birdseed and a natural yard.

7 Interesting Facts About How Birds Nest

There's a lot more to bird nests than meets the eye.

The Basics of Bird Beaks

No matter the challenge, birds have the perfect tools for the job, right in front of their noses.

The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Seed Mix

Save money and make your own birdseed blend.

Is that a Swallow in My Bluebird Box?

I'm always happy to see a swallow in a bluebird box.

Tips for Fall Bird Feeder Maintenance

Fall is a great time to get your bird feeders in tip top shape for the winter feeding season.

Grow Sunflowers to Attract More Backyard Birds

Save money feeding birds by growing and harvesting sunflower seeds from your garden.

Scenes from a Bird Nesting Colony

Wading birds frequently raise their young in mixed-species colonies. See photos from one bird nesting colony in Florida.

Bird Feeding Tips: Feeder Placement

While the type of feeder you select is important, where you put your feeders is also part of successful backyard...

Do or Don’t? Feeding Live Mealworms to Attract Bluebirds

If you've been thinking about feeding live mealworms to attract bluebirds, be sure to read this first!

Bird Nesting Season: Anhinga Courtship

Anhinga courtship behavior is a joy to watch. See video of a male anhinga during bird nesting season as he...

4 Common Backyard Cavity Nesting Birds

You can help a bird nesting in your backyard by providing places for cavity nesters.

Bird Nesting Season: Great Egrets

With spectacular breeding plumage, delicate mating displays, and adorable chicks, great egrets are fun to watch during bird nesting season.

Feeding Birds: Indigo Buntings Love White Millet Seed

While these birds have a varied diet, one way you might attract Indigo Buntings is to offer white millet seed...

Don’t Forget to Feed Our Native Sparrows

There are many native sparrows that you can attract to your backyard!

Top Songbirds in America

Bird songs are beautiful and melodic. Discover why you should be listening as well as looking for these musical types...

Bird Feeding Tips: Peanuts in the Shell vs. Shelled Peanuts

A commonly asked bird feeding question is what type of birds eat different types of peanuts.

Top 10 Plants That Attract Waxwing Birds

Every garden should have waxwings! With a little planning, you can bring in these gorgeous fliers with colorful fruit-bearing plants...