Attracting Birds

Learn how to attract birds to your backyard with these expert tips on plants and trees that attract birds, bird nesting and feeding birds.

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Scenes from a Bird Nesting Colony

Wading birds frequently raise their young in mixed-species colonies. See photos from one bird nesting colony in Florida.

Bird Feeding Tips: Feeder Placement

While the type of feeder you select is important, where you put your feeders is also part of successful backyard...

Bird Nesting Season: Anhinga Courtship

Anhinga courtship behavior is a joy to watch. See video of a male anhinga during bird nesting season as he...

4 Common Backyard Cavity Nesting Birds

You can help a bird nesting in your backyard by providing places for cavity nesters.

Bird Nesting Season: Great Egrets

With spectacular breeding plumage, delicate mating displays, and adorable chicks, great egrets are fun to watch during bird nesting season.

Don’t Forget to Feed Our Native Sparrows

There are many native sparrows that you can attract to your backyard!

Top Songbirds in America

Bird songs are beautiful and melodic. Discover why you should be listening as well as looking for these musical types...

Bird Feeding Tips: Peanuts in the Shell vs. Shelled Peanuts

A commonly asked bird feeding question is what type of birds eat different types of peanuts.

Top 10 Plants That Attract Waxwing Birds

Every garden should have waxwings! With a little planning, you can bring in these gorgeous fliers with colorful fruit-bearing plants...

Attracting Birds and Wildlife in Extreme Weather

From blizzards to heat waves we'll show you how to attract birds, bats and butterflies by turning your backyard into...

Birding Basics to Camouflaged Birds

Many camouflaged birds blend in with the background for their own survival—but you can spot them with the birding basics...

Attracting Songbirds: Brown Thrashers

Brown thrashers are excellent mimics. They can sing more than 1,000 tunes. Learn more about these elusive songbirds and how...

All About Swallows’ Nests and Nesting Habits

Swallows spend much of their time flying. Learn the birding basics of where to find swallows nests and all about...

Backyard Birding in Small Spaces

With a little planning and some bird feeding basics from our experts you can attract birds to backyard—no matter where...

Attracting a Nesting Bird: Carolina and House Wrens

Learn how to attract a nesting bird by picking the right nest box for Carolina and House Wrens.

Our Favorite Suet Feeders from Duncraft

If you're interesting in offering suet to attract more woodpeckers and other backyard birds, try one of these feeders from...

Attracting Birds With Birdscaping

A few clever gardening tricks will have you attracting birds like never before.

Plant a Native Bird Garden

The trees and flowers in a native bird garden will bring in more species than ever before.

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Feeder Birds in the Rio Grande Valley

I am lucky to be down in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas helping to cover the Rio Grande Valley

Top 10 Seed-Bearing Plants

Keep these seed-bearing plants in your garden all winter long, and the birds will thank you for the extra food...

How to Make Easy DIY Oriole Feeders

The secret to attracting orioles? Oranges! These two kinds of DIY oriole feeders are easy to make, and orioles will...

Trees that Attract Birds

Plant these native trees to attract more birds to your backyard.

Plants that Attract Birds in All Seasons

Attract birds to your backyard with these seasonal plant picks.

Growing Lettuce to Attract Birds

Grow lettuce in your garden to attract birds like goldfinches and other backyard birds.

Growing Ornamental Grass

Native grasses attract birds year-round to backyards.

Build a One-Board DIY Birdhouse

A DIY birdhouse doesn’t get any easier than this! Learn how to build a nest box from single pine board.

Attracting Birds for Less

Save money with these tips for feeding and attracting birds.