Attracting Birds

Learn how to attract birds to your backyard with these expert tips on plants and trees that attract birds, bird nesting and feeding birds.

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Birds that Nest in Cavities

Discover which cavity-dwellers you can attract to your backyard.

Bird Nesting Marvels

Discover some of the most amazing bird nesting marvels in North America.

Offer Safflower Seed at Bird Feeders to Deter Squirrels

Squirrels and bully birds may ignore safflower seed, but many beloved songbirds will still come to your feeders.

A Bird’s Nest Built On the Front Door

I am sure that you have heard or seen some strange places where birds have made their nests.  Well, a

Killdeer Nest in Middle of a Busy Backyard

Last week, my sister was in the backyard of her small farm when a killdeer started squawking at her.  This

Mealworms for Bluebird: when, how & do it safety

I noted in my last blog article that “mealworms are the best food to feed bluebirds” according to the Michigan

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Grow Sunflowers for Birdseed

This year, I decided that I would grow sunflowers and save them for feeding my feathered visitors during the winter.

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Working for the Weekend: Offer Crushed Eggshells to Birds

When doing some research on feeding mealworms to birds (look for more on that in the future), I picked up

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Wet Seed No More

Ah…April showers…that means May flowers and often soggy birdseed in our feeders. Wet seed can sprout, mold and become laden

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How to Get Your Bird Houses Ready for Spring

Spring is in the air…finally! After what feels like a long and very cold winter, it’s finally beginning to feel