The Best Blue Jay Bird Feeders for Peanuts

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

Draw more clever blue jays into your yard by serving birdseed on a tray feeder, or try a blue jay feeder specifically designed for peanuts.

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peanut wreath blue jay feederVia

Peanut Wreath Blue Jay Feeder

Attract more backyard birds by feeding peanuts. Blue jays are very smart and they will gladly take on the challenge of removing whole peanuts in the shell from this metal wreath feeder. And you’ll enjoy watching them!

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blue jay feederVia Merchant

Peanut Picnic Table Feeder

Watch the blue jays enjoy a peanut picnic on this adorable picnic table feeder. The table includes a blue enameled steel bowl that you can easily remove for cleaning. Squirrels or chipmunks may also stop by for a visit and a nutty snack. Keep in mind that this feeder does not have a hanging hook, however, you can mount it to a fence or place it on a flat surface.

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What foods do blue jays eat?

blue jay tray feederVia

Blue Jay Tray Feeder

This tray feeder is perfect for the ultimate blue jay lover. The bottom half is a tray feeder with a mesh bottom for drainage, which we know these loud, boisterous birds prefer. The top half, shaped out of wood to look like a flying jay, offers shade and protection from rain.

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Meet the Steller’s jay: clever black and blue birds.

blue jay bird feederVia

Blue Jay Bird Feeder

Fill this blue jay feeder up with sunflower seed to attract clever jays (and more beautiful songbirds like finches, grosbeaks, titmice and cardinals) to your backyard.

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lighthouse shaped peanut feederVia

Lighthouse Shaped Peanut Feeder

Sometimes it seems like blue jays have special peanut vision, so give them a beacon in the backyard. This lighthouse shaped bird feeder holds a large amount of shelled peanuts, so there will be plenty to go around for the woodpeckers, nuthatches and blue jays. The durable metal mesh will deter squirrels from chewing on it.

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Here’s why the blue jay’s range is expanding westward.

gray bunny peanut blue jay feederVia

Gray Bunny Peanut Feeder

Have a smaller bird feeding station but still want to attract blue jays? Try this classic tube shaped peanut feeder. It’s so easy to refill and clean, plus serving a smaller amount at a time means the peanuts won’t spoil. Smaller peanut eating birds like red breasted nuthatches and downy woodpeckers will love it, too.

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woodlink platform feederVia

Woodlink Platform Bird Feeder

Jays are large backyard birds, so this open platform feeder gives them plenty of space to spread out while they search for a meal. Mourning doves also prefer these feeders.

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