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The Best-Selling Bird Feeders of 2022

In the market for a new feeder for your backyard birds? Check out the best-selling bird feeders that customers can't stop buying.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

Best-Selling Bird Feeders on

First Nature Hummingbird Feeder

Your thirsty hummingbirds will love drinking sugar-water from these bird feeders. There’s 10 feeding stations to reduce territorial behavior. The feeder’s red top and base will catch the birds’ attention. Add an ant moat to deter pesky insects.

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oriole feederVia

Flower Oriole Feeder

With this adorable oriole feeder, you can skewer oranges to the spikes and fill the cup with grape jelly. Birds can perch on the metal flower petals to eat.

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twinkle star best bird feederVia Merchant

Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder

This is a classic hopper style feeder in a hexagon shape. Seed flows out on the bottom for birds to eat. The roof blocks birds from rain and offers shade. The clear sides let you easily see when the feeder needs refilling or cleaning.

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saucer hummingbird feedersVia

2-Pack Saucer Hummingbird Feeders

This is one of the best hummingbird feeders because it’s so simple, and it is harder for bees and wasps to reach the sweet stuff. Just snap off the top, pour in the nectar and hang it up on a hook or pole. And two feeders means you can feed twice as many hummingbirds!

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window bird feederVia

Window Bird House Feeder

Want to see more birds up close? This clear plastic feeder attaches right to your window with four strong suction cups. We like that there’s two divided feeding trays (which remove for cleaning), so you can offer more than one type of food or seed. Try filling one side with mealworms and one side with sunflower seeds.

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finch feeder stationVia

Kaytee Finch Feeder Yellow, 4 Socks

Goldfinches don’t need expensive or fancy feeders. These soft mesh sock feeders are popular for a reason—they attract tons of tiny songbirds to feast on thistle seed. This pack includes two replacement socks and a dome shaped reservoir with a hanging cable.

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kaytee mesh bird feederVia

Kaytee Wild Bird Mealworm & Nut Mesh Feeder

We love a bird feeder that is multi-purpose. You can fill this one up with peanut pieces, sunflower seeds or mealworms. Reviewers say they attracted bluebirds, titmice, chickadees and wrens.

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squirrel buster bird feederVia

Squirrel Buster Standard Feeder

Feed lots of birds but keep the squirrels away with this squirrel-proof bird feeder made by Brome. The weight of a squirrel closes off access to the seed. Also try these top-rated bird feeder squirrel baffles.

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best selling bird feedersVia Merchant

Best-Selling Bird Feeders on

Woodlink Deluxe Wood Ranch Bird Feeder

Looking to offer seed and suet cakes? You’re in luck, because this hopper feeder holds both! Open the hinged roof to fill the inside with your birds’ favorite type of seed, and then place suet in the metal cages on the sides.

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cedar bird feederVia

Pennington Classic Cedar Nature’s Friend Wild Bird Feeder

Just fill this feeder up with seed and you’ll have birds like cardinals and chickadees coming to visit your yard in no time. A hanging cable is included for convenience. It’s crafted of weather-resistant red cedar wood for a classic look.

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cottage bird feederVia

North States Blue Cottage Bird Feeder

Dreaming of your own charming New England vacation cottage? Us too! At least you can get one for the backyard birds. Lift off the chimney top to refill the hopper-style feeder with more seed. We recommend picking up a bird seed scoop and funnel for this feeder.

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mixed seed tube feederVia

More Birds Jumbo Songbird Mixed Seed Tube Feeder

You can’t ever go wrong with a basic tube feeder. Several species of birds seem to prefer these types of feeders the best. Fill it up with sunflower or safflower seed. You can hang the feeder on a hook or attach it directly to a pole.

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perky pet panorama feederVia Merchant

Perky-Pet Panorama Feeder

This eye-catching copper feeder will look pretty in your backyard, and you’ll attract lots of pretty birds such as cardinals and finches. If you don’t like the copper color, you can also choose from blue, brown or red.

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squirrel-be-gone feederVia Merchant

Perky-Pet Green Squirrel-Be-Gone II Wild Bird Feeder

This bird feeder deters squirrels because their weight pushes down the perch, blocking access to the seed inside. You can also make the springs on the perch more sensitive to block out bully birds like grackles and blackbirds. But your favorite small songbirds can still eat undisturbed.

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wilderness lantern bird feederVia Merchant

Lantern Hopper Feeder

This metal hopper feeder is designed to look like a decorative garden lantern. It holds more than 4 pounds of bird seed! We think it would be a beautiful addition to a pollinator garden.

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suet cageVia

Best-Selling Bird Feeders on

C&S Ez Fill Suet Basket Wild Bird Feeder

This is the most basic type of suet feeder available, and it’s an affordable way to expand the menu for backyard birds. Simply open the hinged door on the suet basket, slide in a premade suet cake and you’re all set!

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Screen Shot 2022 05 24 At 12.34.35 Pm

More Birds Sedona Screen Feeder

This finch feeder has metal mesh sides, so rain water can drain out. The sunny yellow color will stand out in your yard and match your goldfinches. The top and the base are removable for easy cleaning.

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window bird feederVia

PetFusion Tranquility Window Bird Feeder

This window feeder includes an extra large removable seed tray and rubber coated perches to entice a variety of birds. The pitched roof and drainage holes protect birdseed from spring and summer showers.

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finch sock feederVia

Wild Delight Sock Finch Feeder

While sock feeders may not be as durable as tube feeders or metal mesh finch feeders, you sure can’t beat the convenience. It is refillable; just be sure to discard and replace the sock when the fabric gets dirty or torn.

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seed ball feederVia

Perky-Pet Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder

Smaller songbirds like house finches and purple finches can cling right to this metal mesh feeder, but squirrels won’t be able to chew through it. Rain water will drain right out of the seed ball so seed won’t spoil.

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perky pet hummingbird feederVia

Perky Pet Elegant Copper Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Lots of hummingbirds will be drawn to this attractive glass bottle feeder. Remember, don’t add red food coloring to your homemade nectar—it doesn’t help and may be harmful for the birds.

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droll yankee flipperVia

Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Motorized Bird Feeder

If the squirrels are driving you nuts, try this popular motorized bird feeder that spins them right off. You’ll definitely be entertained watching their efforts to gain access to the seed.

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