Expert Picks for the Best Hummingbird Feeders

See which hummingbird feeders our experts use in their own yards and learn about the best hummingbird feeder styles for your birds.

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With so many hummingbird feeder options available, it’s hard to know which to trust. That’s where our expects come in! These pros have been writing for Birds & Blooms for years and watching birds in their own backyards for even longer. And they’re more than happy to help you pick out a durable, functional new café for your hummingbirds. Here are their picks for the best hummingbird sugar-water feeders.

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Saucer Style Feeders

Flying saucer-shaped feeders are one of the best hummingbird feeders you can buy. These backyard favorites super easy to clean and refill, and the sugar-water is usually far enough below the feeding ports that pesky bees and wasps can’t dive in for a sweet snack.

A built-in ant moat provides additional protection from ants.

Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman’s Pick

Fpo Aspects Hummzinger 429Via Merchant

“We have tried a lot of hummingbird feeders, and our current favorite one is the Aspects HummZinger HighView 12-ounce feeder,” Kenn and Kimberly say. “The red top makes it highly visible, so it catches the attention of these tiny fliers. It’s very easy to clean, and we almost never have a problem with wasps or bees. Insects aren’t able to access the sugar water, but it’s within easy reach of the hummingbirds’ long tongues. And it has a built-in ant moat that keeps the small crawlers out.”

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Jill Staake’s Pick

aspects mini saucer feederVia Merchant

Jill agrees with the Kaufmans and says, “I’m a bit fan of saucer-style feeders, such as the Aspects Mini HummZinger hummingbird feeder. They’re easy to clean and no part of the feeder blocks your view of visiting hummingbirds.”

This is definitely a winner if you’re interested in trying hummingbird photography at your feeder.

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Ken Keffer’s Pick

best hummingbird feederVia Merchant

“I love Wild Birds Unlimited’s high perch hummingbird feeders. They are easy to fill, and they don’t drip or spill. Hummingbirds are visible no matter which side of the feeder they visit. The feeders come with a built-in ant moat and have bee- and wasp-guard tips as an option. My favorite feature is that the sugar-water recipe is stamped on the feeder, so I never forget the proper ratio when mixing up a batch,” Ken says.

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Classic Glass Bottle Feeder

Hummingbird newbies can’t go wrong when you use a standard sugar-water feeder like this one. There’s nothing fancy about this backyard staple, but the plastic or glass exterior is easy to clean and the bright red color is extra-attractive to hummingbirds. Plus, many of these classics come with a built-in ant moat, which prevents insects from crawling inside to sample the sweet stuff.

Sally Roth’s Pick

9202 6 01Via Merchant

“I have used Perky-Pet’s ‘pinch waist’ nectar feeder ever since I first tried it about 20 years ago. The glass bottle weighs it down, so it doesn’t go sideways in the wind and spill its contents. It is also transparent, so I can see how much sugar-water is left inside. The built-in ant moat is a great feature that also serves as a drinking-water station for small birds. I’ve seen chickadees, warblers and kinglets at it,” Sally says.

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Artsy Glass Feeder

artsy glass hummingbird feederVia Merchant

Add a pop of style with a glass feeder! If you already have a robust and hungry hummingbird population in your yard, try a pretty feeder with a bit more flair. Chic and stylish glass feeders, like this one, may be a challenge to clean and there’s no perch for the birds to linger. However, it’s a fun way to see how hummingbirds hover while feeding.

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horizontal bar hummingbird feederVia Merchant

Horizontal Bar Feeder

Multiple ports on a bar feeder can mean many hummingbirds at once, which is always a treat. But cross your fingers that these territorial birds make friends instead of foes. Prevent any power trips by setting up several of the best hummingbird feeders around your yard.

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