Birding Guidelines: Birdhouse Hole Size Chart

Follow the guidelines on this birdhouse hole size chart to make sure you're offering the right birdhouse for your feathered friends.

Birdhouse Hole Size Chart

Birdhouse Chart 2023

Different types of cavity nesting birds, including wrens and chickadees, need different sizes of birdhouses. Bookmark this helpful birdhouse hole size chart to reference whenever you’re shopping for a birdhouse or want to make a DIY nest box.

Will hummingbirds use a birdhouse?

tree swallow in birdhouse, birdhouse hole size chartCourtesy Ann Lowrey
A tree swallow pokes its head out of the birdhouse hole

Want a bigger version of our Birdhouse Hole Size Chart to print out and save? Click here to download a PDF of the guidelines.

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