How to Make a Rain Chain With Spoons

Updated: May 02, 2024

Our DIY rain chain project using old spoons is practical and fun. Use it to direct water to a rain barrel or garden.

spoon rain chainHeidi Hess

Rain chains are a beautiful way to harness the power of water. And if you want to know how make a rain chain, it’s easier than you probably expect. The concept is simple: Surface tension and gravity guide the water down a chain. DIY rain chains are great recycled crafts to make on a budget. I decided to make a chain out of salvaged spoons. If you’re looking for spoons at the thrift store, be sure to select thinner ones so they’ll be easy to bend and drill, and choose a wire that is rustproof and easy to manipulate.


  • DIY Rain Chain Materials
  • Spoons
  • Wire
  • Drill
  • Sharp drill bit
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Bench vise or clamp and pliers

Step-By-Step Instructions:

spoon rain chainHeidi Hess

Step 1

Decide how long you want the rain chain to be. Using a bench vise, bend enough spoons to complete the project. If you don’t have a vise, use a hand clamp to secure the flat part of the spoon against a table with the rest of it hanging over. Use pliers to bend the spoon down.

Step 2

Remove the bowls from a dozen or so spoons. Use the same method as in Step 1, only bend each spoon back and forth until the bowl snaps off.

Step 3

Drill holes in the end of each spoon handle, including the handles without bowls.

Step 4

Put two spoons together back to back so the bowls are facing outward. Fit a bowl-less handle between the handles of the two spoons, leaving several inches extended past the spoons. The protruding end of the handle should have the hole in it. Wrap wire around all three handles just above the bowls. Then wire together the handles of the spoons at the other end as tightly as you can. Be sure to leave some extra wire for attaching the next segment. Repeat this step until you’ve used all your spoons.

Step 5

Once all the segments are assembled, attach them to each other by twisting together the extra wire you left at both ends. Make sure to leave enough wire on one end of your chain for hanging.

Step 6

Hang the rain chain from a tree limb above a rain garden, or use it in place of a downspout above a splash block to direct water away from the house. You can also use a decorative glazed pot or rain barrel below the chain to collect water for use in the garden.

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