Muffin Tin DIY Bird Feeder

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

This recycled crafts project uses a muffin tin to create a DIY bird feeder buffet!

Recycled crafts projects are a great way to save money. Build this DIY bird feeder from an old muffin tin and save your cash for a bird food buffet!


  • Muffin Tin DIY Bird FeederMuffin tin
  • Pan, lid or board for roof
  • Metal hole punch or drill
  • 8 key rings
  • Jack chain
  • Drawer handle or other hanger (optional)
  • Metal screws (optional)
  • Brass bell or other counterweight (optional)

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Mark the places where you want to drill the holes for the corners of the muffin tin and of the pan, lid or board that will be your roof. Use either a metal hole punch or a drill bit to make holes in the tin and the roof big enough for the key rings.

Mark spots for small holes at the bottom of each cup of the muffin tin for drainage. Then punch or drill the holes, making sure they’re not so big that birdseed will fall through.

Step 2

If your roof doesn’t already have a handle for hanging, decide how you want to hang the feeder. I like using found items such as drawer or luggage handles, but even a simple eyebolt will work. Making sure the handle is centered, screw it to the roof.

Step 3

You’ll probably want to hang a counterweight from the bottom to offset the weight of larger birds, which will reduce the tossing of birdseed when the big guys come in for a landing. You can use anything from a large garden faucet handle to a big handbell or even an old doorknob. Test a few things out until you find one that works for you.

Drill a hole in the center of the muffin tin. Then, using an eyebolt or a plumbing pipe hanger and another length of chain, attach the counterweight. NOTE: If you intend for only small birds to use your feeder, you probably won’t need a counterweight.

Step 4

Run the key rings through the holes at the corners of the muffin tin and the roof. Attach four lengths of chain to hold everything together. You’ll probably find it best to use 8-in. lengths or shorter between the muffin tin and the roof. You can use even shorter chains if you plan to feed only small songbirds.

Step 5

Have some fun by decorating your piece. For an even funkier look, try hanging small objects from the chains or the corners; I’ve used vintage skeleton keys. Recycled crafts are such a good excuse to go rummaging at a garage sale this weekend!