Cloth DIY Birdhouse

Updated: Mar. 21, 2024

Learn how to make a birdhouse out of cloth for small birds like wrens and chickadees.


  • Chicken wire
  • Cardboard
  • Twig
  • Cloth scraps
  • Wire
  • Beads (optional)

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step 1

Cut an 18-in. x 8-in. rectangle of chicken wire and roll to make an 8-in. tube. Weave loose wires together along the length of the tube to make a seam, and cut off any wires that stick out. The tube should be about 13-14 in. in circumference.

Step 2

Close one end of the tube by weaving together all the loose wires across the opening, making a rounded, convex shape at the end. This will be the back of the birdhouse. Be sure to trim any excess wire.

Trim the other end of the tube, which will be the opening of the birdhouse. The chicken wire segments are shaped in hexagons; trim the opening so that you have complete hexagons alternating with spaces.

Step 3

You don’t have to have a perch, but if you prefer one, find a slender but sturdy 6-in. twig for a perch. Weave the twig through the chicken wire so that one end is held securely in place and the other extends a few inches from the opening.

Step 4

Cut cloth scraps into pieces about 5 in. wide and 2 ft. long. (You can use shorter scraps if you have them.) Use different patterns and colors if you like. Cut a 2-in. slit up the middle of each end of the strips, to be used for tying the fabric to the wire.

Step 5

Starting at the opening of the birdhouse, tie a strip of cloth to the chicken wire, knot it and then weave it through the wire, covering the outside of the house with cloth as you go and securely tying the other end of the strip to the wire when you’re done. Trim excess fabric at the knots.

Step 6

Continue with more cloth strips until all the chicken wire is covered. As you wrap the opening of the house, bend wire inward so you get a neat round opening. Be sure to cover any sharp ends, which may require more than one layer of fabric.

Step 7

For hanging, you’ll need a 12-in. or longer piece of 14-gauge wire. (The bottom of a wire coat hanger works fine.) Bend into a small eyehook at one end and attach to the chicken wire at top center of the birdhouse. If you like, add a few beads and make a decorative swirl at the other end of the wire, then shape a large hook to hang the house. Enjoy!